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SpiritualCookie.com is a website where I write about anything that helps my soul feel good (like a cookie for the soul or a “spiritual cookie”). So I plan to write about anything that helps us feel good like:

  • - Sights: Fun sights to see & Travel
  • - Tastes: Amazing foods to taste
  • - Cool things: From favourite youtubers to feel-good movies, songs, products etc.
  • - Health tips: When our body feels good, it’s easier for us to feel good. Health tips may also include things like eyesight improvment techniques.
  • - Sounds: Music and sounds that feel good
  • - Appreciation and gratitude lists & exercises
  • - Creations & Manifestations
  • - Things that help us understand ourselves better (eg palmistry, TCM principles etc)
  • - Spiritual understanding that helps uplift
  • - Self-expression & thoughts

My journey to start SpiritualCookie.com was inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Eckhart Tolle. If you haven’t heard of these two brilliant spiritual teachers, and are interested in spiritual development I would whole-heartedly recommend checking out their teachings in their books, audio cassettes, DVDs (you can find them via the links when you click on their names). For me personally, both these teachers literally changed the way I look at the world and started my spiritual journey.

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About the writers

Creator & writer: SpiritualCookie
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Guest Writers:
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How this site makes money

Although primarily this site was created for the joy of the journey of exploring interesting topics and for the fun of sharing ideas with visitors, it is nice if what you enjoy doing can also help you earn a living. For this reason throughout this site you’ll find the following sponsors on this website:

  • Zazzle: Many of the pictures used to illustrate articles link to Zazzle when you click on them. If you like the pictures and would like to purchase a product featuring them, each purchase helps keep this site running.
  • Amazon: Any product recommendations that link to Amazon are via our affiliate links and if you purchase something after clicking through it helps finance this site.

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