Abraham Hicks Morning and Night Plan for daily spiritual practice: PLAN 2

I was listening to a youtube video in which Abraham Hicks suggested a possible night-and-morning routine plan, describing what they recommend we do every day to help us feel better and raise our vibration so that we change our points of attraction to a more positive position.

(Abraham have suggested other plans in the past too, such as Plan 1 which I wrote about in a previous article. You can pick whichever plan resonates most with you : ) )

Here is the Night-and-Morning-Routine-Plan the described:

1.) At night, take a moment to feel good before dropping off to sleep

When you’re about to go to bed, bask; appreciate the fabric of your bedding; notice the pleasant feeling of your body as your muscles relax and everything relaxes as you’re lying in bed.. Appreciate the softness of the pillow.. the cosy, comfortable warmth..  and drift off to sleep pleasantly

2.) Upon waking, find something positive to think about

Wake up in the morning and whilst you’re still in bed, the first thing you do is reach for pleasant thoughts; focus on something that feels good and milk it to get you tuned into pleasant vibes right away.

3.) Do a focus wheel

Get out of bed – do whatever you do first thing in the morning (breakfast / brushing teeth etc), and then when you’re feeling ready to start your day and are still feeling pretty good, do a focus wheel on anything that bothers you even in the slightest that you want to work on to get it to a beter place.  Initially thinking of “something to work on” may not feel good, but as you do the focus wheel, you get back to feeling better and simultaneously help work out the kinks of a belief you’ve been holding (=the subject of the focus wheel).

4.) Do a rampage of appreciation

In your Book of Positive Aspects, do a list of positive aspects or a rampage of appreciation about one or two things to get yourself in a good mood.

- – -

That’s it! Now go about your day as normal, reinforced with good vibes. Now this doesn’t guarantee that every day will be perfect necessarily, but it gives you your best chance to start your day on a feel-good foot.

Do this for 30 days and overall, you will help to train yourself to a better vibration, you will probably work ou some stuff on the focus wheels, training yourself to look at old issues in a more positive light, and you will help change your point of attraction so that more and more good things come to you.


- – -


Abraham talk from this youtube video (described the last minute or so of the talk) : Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul7QRIuVP9Y

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Going from Optimistic Hope to Certain Belief – Abraham Hicks

Here are a few tips on how to go from Hope (“I’m hopeful this can happen.. I feel hopeful I can feel like this.. I feel hopeful that I can be like this.. I feel hopeful that I can do this..”) to certainty (“I’m sure this is coming to me.. I believe I can feel like this.. I’m certain I can be like this.. I just know that I can do this.”)

Step 1: Make Sure you REALLY are in “Optimistic Hope”
If you want to go from Optimistic Hope to Certain Belief, it helps if you’re accurately gauging your place on the Emotional Guidance Scale, because if you’re at Doubt or at Worry and want to go to Certain Belief, it may take a few more helpful steps you can take to help you get there; steps that will cater exactly to where you are so that you can move up the scale in a real, genuine way..

- – -

Step 2: FEEL yourself Making Peace with Where you Are
No matter where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale, to move up the scale it’s always a helpful to make peace with where you are.
Instead of saying “Help! Where’s My Stuff??” soften it and relax into where you are right now, even if this moment doesn’t have your “stuff” in it just yet.
Rather than resisting this moment (with lack of acceptance of where you are and determination and impatience to be somewhere better), soften resisting thoughts and relax into being where you are (it’s ok to be here.. here is alright.. here has plenty of nice things in it too…I’m ok with where I am whilst also being eager for more). Without resistance in the way, you’re free to go with the flow towards well-being, and moving up the scale should be easier to happen naturally.
This is the concept of “allowing” yourself to feel good rather than “making” yourself feel good. It’s about not having to have the “outcome” of it to feel good in your now.

- – -

Step 3: Set up positive momentum and let the momentum carry you upwards:
Try to maintain a stable positive vibration and get positive momentum going so that momentum will take you upwards.
Ramp up the positive emotions to help you “align”
In the traditional “3 step process” of ask and it is given you have: Step 1 = Asking (Asking for going from Hope to Certainty); Step 2 = Source Answering; Step 3 = Allowing by aligning with that request.
How do you know you are aligning? When you are feeling good. THAT”S how you know you are aligning. When you are not feeling good it is a sign that you are not keeping up with the expanded version of YOU where all your good stuff is.
Tools that can be used to help align and ramp up your vibration in general to help to push you upwards from Hope. Tools you can use to ramp up your positive emotions include:
- Rampages of appreciation
- Imagining what Belief and Certainty will feel like (“What does that feel like? What do I think it feels like to live that feeling… I can live the feeling now just for the pleasure of envisioning it… I like the feeling of that! I like the feeling of that! I love the feeling of that!” Another tool is saying: “I want to get to Belief & Certainty BECAUSE…. it will feel so good knowing.. having that strong, secure, stable, delicious feeling of certainty..” – and that will help line you up with it…)
- Focus wheel
- Remember times when you’ve felet certainty before. some memory about somethings that have gone well and just emphasising it–you can take the wobble right out of that pretty easily.

- – -

(Optional Step 4) : Possibly – if appropriate for you – Figure out your wobbles that are keeping you from belief / certainty and work on softening and pivoting the wobbles:
There can be several onion-layers behind a strong, certain belief – if a couple of the layers have wobbles in them, then it can keep you from certainty. If you can, try to work on soothing and pivoting those onion-layer beliefs that are anchoring you wheree you are and are resisting your motion forward. This may involve accessing details from our past that are active as “proof for disbelief” and pivot these experiences to “see them in a new light.”
work on your wobble because of the improvement in the way you feel, not because of the ulterior motive you have in getting something that you want, that’ll take the majority of the wobble away right away.
But sometimes hitting the issue-at-hand head-on causes the wobble. So, if you step back into other things that you absolutely know about or–even better–something that you didn’t know for sure about, and then came to be more certain about.
When it starts to wobble, get out! Get out. Don’t introduce any more attention to a wobbling situation. Soothe your wobble away. Even if it requires changing the subject altogether.

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Making Peace with What Is

(NB I’ve written an in-use-example and snappier discussion on my understanding of this process here in this article: How to make peace with “What Is”

- – -

Why should we make peace with what is?

Making peace with where you are releases resistance and then the vortex can start pulling you in with its magnetic-like force. But you have to let go of the oars – let go of the resistance.

It’s also about being happy exactly where you are (regardless of whether you’re at your dream desitination yet or not), because when you can find the happiness in this moment – whatever this moment is – , you’re closer to attracting more and more happy things to you; including all your dreams and desires.

- – -

How to make peace with what is:

  • Appreciate the clarity this adversity brings, of knowing you have something to work out; and that you’re getting clearer about what you want:
    Chill and say thank you for the indicator that you have something going on in your vibration that you want to work out. Thank you to myself to being sensitive to the way i feel, so that now i have awareness of the indicator – and now i can do things differently.
    Make peace with the “negative” and stop defining it as something negative. Instead call it a “clarifying process”.  When your gas gauge says “empty”, you don’t get mad at it and say that the gas gauge is being “negative” – you say, “Thank you gauge for this indication of what’s going on inside my car, for this clarity, for letting me know that I need to change the conditions and fill you up with gas so that my car will feel better and I can get to where I need to get to.”
    Acknowledge any discomfort as a helpful indicator that something needs an energetic tweak within you. So say thank you to the discomfort as an indicator for where you vibration is, because once you know where your vibration is, you can try to change it. And when you start to change it, then you move towards a better place where discomfort is no longer there. There will be a time when in the future you’ll look back and be appreciative of that indicator, because being aware of it helped you smooth out the vibrational kinks and helped you get to the better feeling place that you’ll be in, in the future.
  • Introduce hope in a believable way – use words you believe:
    - I think it can be better…
    - It doesn’t have to stay like this forever
  • Introduce optimism in a believable way – use words you believe:
    - It’s just temporary
    - I know things can change. It’s ok if I’m not where I want to be right now, because I know things evolve and things ebb and flow with time.
    - I know things evolve all the time
    - I know it will be better in time
    - I believe that what I want is possible and it can be
    - I am a powerful creator and I have the ability to change any circumstance to be more pleasing.
    - I’m looking forward to it being better
  • Introduce soothing, comforting, soft thoughts of letting go: when you let go and chill, you let go of negative momentum. Stop the struggle. Let go of concern, let go of worry, let go of desperate need, let go of strong-willed determination which is hard-feeling, let go of the need to push, let go of feelings of wrongness, let go of thoughts like “I dont want this”, let go of judgement, let go of resistance within you, let go of all these things that resist “what is right now”. Once you let go of resistance to “what is”, you’ll flow more towards well-being, and more towards what you want more of.
    Be soft, be kind, be soothing, be comforting to yourself. Try to find more relaxing thoughts.
    Examples of thoughts that help us let go of resistance:
    - it’s alright that what I don’t want is reflected back at me because it makes me aware of what I DO want and what i want to be
    - The contrast is alright – it’s just the step 1 part of the process, that leads to things getting better.
    - it’s alright if my point of attraction isn’t where I want it to be because I know things can change, and now that I have awareness, I can help it change by looking at things a little differently.
    - Its okay to be standing where I am right now, because i know that I can change this situation to something that is more pleasing
    - I can relax and let go of resistance so that the unwanted is let go of.. and if I don’t manage it, it’s alright because i can try again another time and maybe I’ll manage it then
    - where I am right now isn’t such a big deal, it’s all ok. It’s not where I have to always be. Things can change, so where I am right now is fine because it’s just temporary and I’m looking forward to things getting better and better!
    - I’m getting better at becoming more aware of my thoughts every day
    - Where I am is ok, because it’s evolving and changing all the time
    - I can let this go
    - I don’t need to manifest it right this red hot minute
    - It’s alright
    - Everything is alright
    - I’m doing ok. I’m doing alright.
    - Everything is always working out for me.

- – -

What after you make peace with the moment?

Make peace with your present, and then:

  • Find things to appreciate in your present moment: No matter what your situation, there can always be something good where you stand; some source of satisfaction; something going your way.
    Try to see the situation from the perspective of all-loving Source. Sources sees everything as “alright” and “ok” – never judging, never condemning where you are. It sees the good.
    Look for things that you want to see in your “what is”
    Find vibrational alignment in the positive things around you from where you are. By finding things to appreciate around you, you find the best in what there is around you.
    Appreciate everything as best you can
    Through appreciation, an through seeing the best in where you are, you make your focus better.
    Why make where you are ok? because where you are is where your focus is, and what your focus on becomes more. So it’s vital that you start seeing where you are as better and nicer; and see the best of it, because the more you can pivot your opinion of “where you are” into something positive, the more your current moment will be better, and the better you can move towards more and more positivity.
    Find something in your “what is” moment that you want to perpetuate and grow, and focus on it. Focus on the “alrightness” of this moment.
    Examples of things to appreciate:
    - There are things in this moment that I feel competent at
    - There are things in this moment that I think are beautiful
    - There are things in this moment that feel comfortable
    - There are things in this moment that feel nice.
    - There are people in my life right now that I like.
    - There are certain things in my life that give me a sense of accomplishment
    - There are certain things in my life that give m a sense that I’m of value
    - There are helpful tools in my everyday life that I appreciate
    - I appreciate my moments of inspiration, of ideas flowing to me..
    - I appreciate the moments of laughter and smiles
    - I appreciate the moments where I’m feeling good.
    When you accept that “what is is alright”, and allow yourself “to be just as you are, and be ok with that” then you tune into well-being, and more well-being can flow to you. When you tune into “everything is alright” than you attract more of the feeling that “everything is alright” – which is closer to what you are truly wanting. Trust that once you tune in to well-being in your now, then more well-being is yours.
  • Focus on any positive changes:
    Pay attention to when the condition softens: notice the situation when it’s at its softest and feeling a little better; with a little more hope for improvement; with a little more optimism about it. This will help the situation get better and better.
  • Realise that you don’t have to take any hard-work action in order for things to get better
    If you accept that “what is” is alright, it means no action is required of you. When you let go of the resistance, you will be pulled towards the vortex version of what you want. You’ve already defined what you want. Trust that the Universe got your “Asking” and once you let go, flow downstream, and allow yourself to flow towards it, it’s just a matter of time before it will flow into your experience; you will be drawn to it like a magnet.
    So you’re not meant to do anything, you’re not supposed to fix things.. or change things. You don’t need to try so hard to do these things: it’ll just happen once you let go of resistance, and allow yourself to go downstream to where all the stuff in your vortex is. All you need to do is stop resisting; stop doing that stuff that prevents all you want from flowing to you.
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Observations on Complaining

If you think about it, why do we complain?

I think it’s possibly for the following reasons:

1.) To release the pent-up feelings so they don’t build up or stay bottled up and tight inside us; it gives a feeling of relief to “get it out” and then we can start to look in a happier direction from where we can feel better.

2.) Because we want to be soothed by the person we complain to, and upon being soothed, we hope we’ll feel better.

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Abraham Hicks: Examples of how to Amp up the Positive

Here are a few examples of how to milk the positive things that happen to you, to get the most out of them:

If you get a special discount when you buy something, instead of saying “I got a discount.” milk it more by seeing if you believe it when you say, “I get discounts / I’m pretty good at getting discounts / Discounts come my way easily”

If you are wanting to gain customers, and you get a curious person come to check you out, instead of saying  “I got a call from some curious person.” Try saying, “I’m getting calls from potential customers!”

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Abraham Hicks: Tell a new story process

I just learned about this Abraham Hicks process from the AbeForums as a way to help you pivot something that doesn’t feel good to you, into a thought that does feel good.

I’ve re-written it a little to get the gist of it across:

How your thought process goes during this process:

Starting point:
I don’t like it this way, it’s not fair (doesn’t feel good)
I’d like it to be different but I don’t see it’s very different (about the same as before)
I’d like it to be different (slightly better than before)
I want it to be different (about the same as before)
Can I look at this situation differently so that it feels a little better? Can I change my thoughts and internal discourse a little to help soothe myself in a way I believe? I appreciate that by knowing what I don’t want, I better know what I DO want… So the way things have been up until now have helped clarify what I want. I can think a little more on what I would like to happen in an ideal world…
I hope it will be different (feels much better)
I know it’s possible that things can change..
I trust that the Universe has heard my desire and is lining up to bring it into my experience.. all I have to do is let go of my resistance to “what is” and let the Universe do its thing.
I believe things can be better.. I believe it’s possible..
It would be so nice if things were better.. I can picture what it would look like and I’m eager and excited about the possibility that this change can come.
Even if not everything is exactly as I’d like it, there are some things going right. There are things in my reality that I can focus on appreciating that line me up with this difference I wish would happen. I can appreciate what I have.. I can appreciate the good stuff in my life…
I’ve noticed it’s becoming a little different.. maybe not as different as I’d like it to be, but maybe it’s a start (better)
Maybe I can tweak the subject into a less-resistant place, then a less-resistant place, then a fairly neutral place, then mention an upside, a silver lining..
I like the way this is becoming different.. The manfiestation hasn’t come yet, but it’s feeling better..  I can focus on this fact that it is becoming better.. and hope that it’ll get even better…
It’s feeling better.. it’s feeling better..
Something good happened!
Something really good happened!

Important Note: It’s super important to tell a story you can believe and not force it. The process is a gradual, believable, step-by-step pivoting rather than a leaping right to the end. Each time you approach the subject tell the story a little differently, a little better if you can.

(Here’s the link to the original post: http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?32092-Change-your-Story-change-your-life&p=641648&viewfull=1#post641648 )

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Positive Judgement vs Positive Appreciation

I just had a thought:

Is there a difference between:
- “Judgement – judging that this is good” and between
- “Appreciation – appreciating that this is good”?

Here are my thoughts:

Judgement comes from a thinking place that’s often based on beliefs we’ve accumulated throughout life; beleifs that tell us one thing is “right” and one thing is “wrong”. It’s an intellectual thing. These beliefs that may not always be in line with what our inner being knows to be true.

Appreciation comes from a feeling place that’s often based on lining up with your inner being’s joy. Appreciation is more purely feel-good. There is no right or wrong here; it’s just pure focus on how good something feels to you personally.

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Understanding The Vortex and the stuff that’s in it

abraham hicks vortex Abraham Hicks often use the term “The Vortex” to descirbe that place where we put all our dreams and desires. The stuff we put in our vortex adapts and expands throughout our lives as new dreams and desires are conceived, and refinement of The Vortex content occurs as we refine our understanding of what we want in life.

What happens to all the stuff we put in The Vortex as it grows and evolves? and do we consciously remember and know about everything that’s in our vortex?

I really liked this piece by AbeForum member, Cosmic, about better understanding how The Vortex works when we put stuff into it. Cosmic says:

“From outside the vortex, you might be aware of individual ‘preferences’ you have created. From inside the vortex, they can look different. [...] Abraham often say you may not even be able to identify the contents of your vortex, from outside the vortex. Because it has been changing and updating as you have.

So (in my understanding) it is not as simple as, “when I was 3 years old, I saw someone play the piano, and I decided I wanted that, so now in my vortex I am a concert pianist”. [...]

abraham hicks cake analogy [To better explain how the things you put in your vortex work] Abraham often use the analogy of making a cake.
When you make the cake, you put flour, and eggs, and milk, and sugar…
But that doesn’t mean that the finished cake will just look like a pile of flour + a pile of eggs + some milk + some sugar
It looks like a *cake*.

In the same way, you might put “piano player” + “truck driver” + “amazing lover” + “new couch” into your vortex Let go of expectations and focus on the feeling place of feeling good instead
But in the way it unfolds, it will likely be an even better version that you could imagine from your physical perspective, that will include all of the *essence* of what you want, in deeper and richer ways, in interconnected ways, in ways that will feel delightful and logical, in ways that you will feel like you recognise, and feel “as yes, this is a match to me, this is what I wanted!”

The more you focus on the essence of your desire (the emotion)
The more you allow yourself to realise its *form* (the physical see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it)
But when you focus on the form you *think* it should have from outside the vortex (I want to be a piano player and I’m aware that I’m not)
The more you hold yourself to where you are.
Let the form fill in.”

(Here’s a link to the original post: http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?43466-Learning-New-Skills&p=958313&viewfull=1#post958313 )

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On Conditionally Feeling Good – Abraham Hicks

There are two types of feeling good:
Girly daisy flowers modern typography brushstrokes poster
a.) Conditionally feeling good:
This is conditional on you observing “wanted” things around you and relishing then. But on the other end of this stick is also what happens if the good conditions stop. So it’s good to have a plan B, and that plan B is:

b.) Unconditionally feeling good:
This is feeling good regardless of the conditions around you. Even if you’re seeing unwanted things around you, you anchor yourself to something good deliberately inside, using your focused thoughts, and using techniques that Abraham Hicks teach.

- – -

A misconception is that “conditionally feeling good” is “less good” than “unconditionally feeling good”, because there is a passiveness in conditional living, and there is the danger of falling prey to unhappy conditions too and then letting them effect you. But conditional living is not always a bad thing as long as you use it with consciousness.

I really enjoyed reading forum member’s paradise-on-earth words on this in the AbeForums. She says:

“You can “sneak into the backdoor” [of feeling good],
by observing a wanted condition and feel good by doing so,
and then it´s easier to maintain the momentum of the wanted.

And of course, that´s totally valid-
always take the path of least resistance!

What feels good, IS good!
  -but in doing so, and using the easy way-
KNOW why things are working as they do. “

Happy Face Emoticon Poster

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What to do with your life when you don’t know what you want to do?

What do you do with your time if you simply don’t know what your wants and desires are? What do you do when you don’t know what to do with your life?

Step 1: Make peace with where you are.
Meditation Poster You feel that discomfort when you say “I don’t know what I want to do” – that discomfort has several possible drivers behind it:
a.) a signal that your inner being disagrees with the statement because your inner being knows everything you’ve put in your vortex and sees a lot of desires lined up for you even if you can’t see them yourself.
b.) The discomfort it also your feeling the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
c.) And the discomfort could also be an indicator of your resistance to “where you are” (“I don’t know what I want yet and I don’t like it!!”).

A good first step could be to soothe yourself with words like:
“I don’t know what I want to do, and that kind of sucks! I want to know! But you know what? I’m pretty sure this is just a temporary phase, and I’m pretty sure I’ll think of something eventually or that some opportunity will crop up eventually.. so where I am now in this “not knowing state” is ok, because it’s not gonna be like this forever. Things change. This is just a phase.. and in the meantime, I can focus on just doing things that make me feel good right now.. and I have tools available to me like Abraham Hicks techniques that I can use to help be shift from where I am right now to somewhere where there is more clarity.. I can be patient whilst I figure this out.. I know I’ll figure it out..”

Step 2: Realise you have general desires even if you don’t know the specifics just now
Explore Dream Discover Travel Quotes Poster Whilst you might not know the specifics of what you want do with your life, you still have some general ideas of what you want, so use those to help. Focus on what you know you do want.
Every person has their own list but here are a few possible general examples of general things people may want:
I want to feel happy
I  want to feel good
I want to feel interested
I want to feel free
I want to feel at ease
I want to feel flow
I want to feel stimulated
I want to feel like you’re growing
I want to feel like you’re contributing something positive to I world
I want to feel excited about what you do
I want to feel enthusiastic
I want to feel abundant
I want to live a luxurious life style
I want to feel money is flowing easily and continuously to me

Step 3: Focus on the general feelings and nurture them by finding activities and thoughts that strengthen them within you

Do More Of What Makes You Happy Poster Ok, so now you have a general idea of what you want, emotionally at least.. but you still have 24 hours in a day and no idea of the specifics of what to do with these hours.. so what do you do?

Option 1:
Activities that line you up with the feelings you seek.
For example, if you feel “interested” when you read about the latest movie news, do more of that.
If you feel “stimulated” when you’re learning about Abraham’s teachings, spend more time doing that.
If you feel “happy” when you play with your dog, spend more time doing that.
If you feel “excited and enthusiastic” when you’re watching your favourite sports team – do more of that.
When you’re lined up with something that feels good, you can potentially manifest something positive unexpectedly. For example, as you read about the latest movie news, an advert may catch your eye on the page which is JUSt the thing that will have you thinking “that gives me an idea for something I’d like to do!”

Option 2:
Exercises and processes that Abraham suggest. There are a lot of “processes” that you can use as activities that help line you up with the feelings you want more of in life. If you do these processes consistently and train yourself into the “feeling place” of all these good feelings, more opportunities will be attracted to you that carry these same positive vibrations you’ve been practising. So you don’t even have to know ahead of time what these opportunities will be – they may delight and surprise you – but opportunities will find you if you’re practising their vibrations. That’s what the law of attraction is about.

Positive Thoughts Create a Positive World Poster Think Positive Poster

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