I’m learning about Palmistry mostly from a book by palmist, Frank Clifford, from a course I took at the College of Psychic Studies and also from other sources to fill in any gaps. As I learn about palm reading, I plan to share my learning on here:

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The Basics of Hand Reading
Lesson 1: Introduction to Hand Reading
Lesson 2: Left vs Right Hand Meanings
Lesson 3: Palm Color meanings
Lesson 4: Hand Size Meaning: Small vs Big Hands

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Reading the palm mounts & undulations
What are palm mounts?
What the specific palm mounts mean:
Mount Moon
Mount of Venus
Mounts of Mars – includes Lower Mars, Upper Mars, Plain of Mars & The Mouse

Coming soon…

Finger Mounts
- Mount of Jupiter
- Mount of Saturn
- Mount of Apollo
- Mount of Mercury

Pluto mount

Neptune mount

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Reading the fingers
- Meaning of Parts of Fingers & Reading Finger Signs

More coming soon!

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Reading the palm lines
Coming soon!

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Reading Decorations to the Hand:
- What Rings on Fingers symbolize in General
- Ring on Thumb Meaning
- Ring on index finger Meaning
- Ring on Middle Finger Meaning
- Ring on Ring Finger Meaning
- Ring on Little Finger Meaning

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