Health-conscious Bodycare Shop Items

Holistic health includes wellness in your spiritual, mental and physical levels; soul, mind & body. Physically that means taking care of your body with natural, healthy ingredients, so here are some of my discoveries for good, clean body care products:

- Healthy natural soaps
- Healthy natural shampoos

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Spiritual Shop Items

If you’re looking for Spiritual Gifts and spiritual gift ideas, I’ll be adding to this section of Spiritual Cookie to suggest some great options for you! Some of the links below lead straight to examples of the products of each indivdual type of item on if I haven’t yet had time to write an article with my personal recommendations, whilst the others link to a Spiritual Cookie article saying a little about the topic at hand.

- Abraham Hicks products
- Angel products
- Bach Flower Remedies
- Crystals for crystal healing or simply for crystal energies
- Essential oils for spiritual uplifting
- Inspirational Posters
- Positive affirmation gifts:
Positive affirmation calendars
— Positive affirmation & quotes posters & prints
Positive affirmation jewelry
— Positive affirmation clothing
- Reiki books
- Relaxation guided meditation CDs
- Relaxing music CDs
- Spiritual audiobooks
- Spiritual Books
- Spiritual T-shirts
- Sound Healing instruments

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