Diary Day 1: Abraham Hicks Daily Spiritual Practice

1.) Set aside time for working on feeling good – CHECK
I made time to do the exercises today.

2.) Meditate for 15 minutes every day – CHECK
I did my meditation before going to bed the evening before. I did a chakra balancing meditation which felt good doing. :)

3.) Spend some time outside every day – CHECK
Spent some time outside today in a small shopping district in the suburbs. Whilst being out I made some deliberate effort to:
- Notice the beauty of the color of the sky – an unusual, creamy, baby blue
- Notice the fresh and bright green leave sprouting on the trees as Spring is here.
- Notice the freshness of the air as the breeze blew gently.
- Notice the diversity of creative products in all the stores – The creative minds behind all the designs of clothes, their patterns.
- Appreciate seeing some cool products in the store that inspired me to want to create cool products too.

4.) Daily Positive Aspects / Rampages of Appreciation – CHECK
I did about 20-30 minutes today on the appreciation for my Mom.

5.) Take a moment to Acknowledge Source every day – CHECK
When I was outside today, I was actually with my Mom, and I took a moment to tell her about this exercise of acknowledging Source as part of helping us to feel good. As I shared with my Mom what I remembered of the quote Abraham used, I felt I fulfilled this criteria.

6.) Future pacing – HAVEN’T DONE THIS YET
To do.

5/6 is a good start I think! :)

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