Fast Blinking Eye Exercise

Fast Blinking Eye Exercise - smiley wink poster How to do the Fast Blinking Eye Exercise:

1.) Inhale and blink normally on this in-breath.

2.) On exhalation, blink as quickly as you can for the duration of the out-breath.

Do this breath-based rapid blinking exercise for about 1 minute at a time. Considering a deep-breathing inhale/exhale cycle takes about 8-10 seconds, that’s about 6-8 repeats.

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What does this fast blink eye exercise do?

The fast blinking exercise treats dry eyes, which are a common side effect of staring at tv or computer screens, or when not blinking a lot when you’re concentrating on near-work, be it reading or something else. Dry eye is also prevalent places where the air is dry and in cities where the air is affected by pollution.

The fast blink to prevent dry eyes - Eye exercises Poster Dry eyes can be felt when the eyes feel uncomfortable, red and irritated.

This fast blinking exercise helps treat dry eyes because every time you blink, it coats the eye with the eye’s tear fluids, to moisten the eyes.  A well-moistened eye is a healthy eye that has the best chances for optimal vision.

Note that there is more than one way to help treat dry eyes and this is just one of many possible ways.

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How often should I do the fast blinking exercise?

It depends if you’re using this technique alone or if you’re using other eye exercises too.

For eye exercises in general it is recommended that you refresh your eyes in some way (be it resting them with something like palming, or refreshing them with an exercise like a slow-blink or a fast-blink) for a couple of minutes, once every 30 to 40 minutes of near vision work.

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