How to be more decisive

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We all have times in our lives when we feel like it’s hard to make a certain decision and that feeling of indecisiveness can be frustrating and can make you feel really stuck. The good news is that no matter how indecisive you may be about one subject, there are always other aspects of your life where you can make decisions.

According to the Law of Attraction that’s taught by Abraham Hicks, the more you remember and think about the times when you are decisive, the more decisiveness will infiltrate into your general vibration in other aspects too.

It can be helpful to make a list of things you can easily make decisions about, to help you show yourself that there are times when you can be decisive. The longer you focus on your list, the better your chances are of raising your vibration on this matter.

To help give you an idea of what kind of things may go on your list, here is my own personal list of things you too may find that you are decisive about.

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  • Decisiveness in food:
    - In restaurants, I find that I am able to make a decision regarding what to order.
    - If I had to decide what my favorite food / dessert was, that’d be an easy decision to make.
    - If I had to decide what to have for breakfast from all the choices I have at home, I’d be able to decide that with ease.
  • Decisiveness with relationships:
    - If I had to decide on say, 15 important traits that I’d like a romantic partner to have, I could easily decide on those. (e.g. Kind, compassionate, good listener, frequent use of humor, sensitivity, affectionate, open, intelligent, positive, motivated, ambitious, easy-going, confident, high EQ, considerate)
    - It’s easy for me to decide how I’d like to be treated.
    - If I had to decide on how often I’d like to go out vs stay in, I’d easily decide that.
    - If I had to decide how much time I’d like to spend with someone, that decision comes so naturally I don’t even think about it and already decide, because you guage it by how you feel.
  • Decisiveness with other things
    - I can decide what to wear every morning with relative ease.
    - I can decide what movie I want to watch in the cinema.
    - I can decide what show I want to watch on TV.
    - I can decide what books I want to read.
  • I have resources available to help me make decisions
    There are always tools available to help me make decisions. For example:
    - I have a gut instinct which sometimes knows what I like (eg with what foods I prefer, or if I am drawn to a certain person or not). My emotions and gut feeling help guide me.
    - Researching your options to find out more about them can help you decide about them. The more you know about them, the more you have to go on regarding whether it’s right for you.
    - Experimenting and just trying certain things (a try before you buy kind of thing!) can help. I’m talking about stuff like taster courses, using demos or samples of things before you commit to it in a bigger scale.
    - Reviews of restaurants/ films / books/ products help decide which to choose.
    - Consulting with family and friends and hearing their perspectives can help.
    - Reading other people’s experiences in forums online, in blogs or elsewhere can help you figure out what you want.
    - If two options are genuinely just as good as one another, there’s always flipping a coin or doing rock paper scissors! ;)

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What items would you add to your list? Feel free to share in the comments below because it may help remind others that they have those decisiveness abilities too. Making such lists reminds us that we CAN about certain things. The more we focus on what we can decide upon, the more likely that vibration will be followed through to help us to make decisions in other aspects of our lives too.

Extra end note
Another thing to keep in mind when making decisions is that you can’t really get it wrong because whatever choice you make, you’ll learn from it (even if what you learned is that you don’t want to do that anymore and hence you learn a bit more about what you DO want) and maybe you’ll even have fun along the way. Here’s a great Abraham Hicks audio about this very point.

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