How to find the fun – Abraham Hicks perspective

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction - Choose Joy According to Abraham Hicks the purpose of life is to have fun, feel happy and feel the joy. But how do you find fun when you don’t know where to look? Especially if you’re in a temporary state when nothing feels fun to you?

There’s this quote from an Abraham Hicks video that I really liked about the subject of how to find what’s fun for you:

“Nothing’s fun if you’re not tapped in, tuned in, turned on.
If you’re not lined up with energy first, everything seems hard.
But if you look for the fun first, if you look for the joy first, and are tapped in, tuned in, turned on, then everything you do will be life giving.”


- – -

In other words they’re saying, try to uplift yourself from where you are, and then it will be easier for you to find things fun. After you’ve successfully uplifted yourself, from a happier state of mind, so many more things can be fun to you – even things you didn’t find fun before. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose to do, from your new uplifted state, you’ll be able to find the fun in any activity you do if you are closer to the vibration of fun withinin your mood in general.

It’s like something Bashar said: (I paraphrase here)

Don’t look for exciting things.
Instead train yourself to be IN excitement; to be in a state of excitement. And from this state everything will be exciting for you.
It’s not about finding the right *thing* that gets your mood to rise.
It’s about learning to raise your mood first, and then potentially any thing can appear to be the right thing that feels fun and exciting.

- – -

Abraham Hicks The Secret - Find Joy in the Ordinary Inspirational Poster But how do you uplift yourself from where you are now to a state where you’re in a happier state of mind from which you’ll be able to find the fun and find the joy in an easy way?

Here’s one possible 3-step method:

Step 1: Acknowledge you are where you are, and it’s ok.

Step 2: Work on releasing resistance

Work on releasing resistance by self-soothing the negative thoughts you have about the negative things in your life. Soften the negative feeling with thoughts that soften the negative thoughts.

eg. I know what I don’t want and what I don’t like, but that means a part of me knows what I do want, so maybe I can try to focus on what I DO want more… that could help me feel better. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel better? My uneasiness is just my inner guidance talking to me, showing me that my guidance system is working and helping to guide me towards something better. Everything’s going to be ok. I’ll figure it out and I don’t have to figure it out right now. My life is helping me figure out stuff. I like the idea that Source energy within me knows that there’s a way, and knows the way, and if I relax, I’ll be able to allow myself to hear its guidance more clearly to a better place. As I relax, ideas will occur to me, and I’ll be able to flow with it. It’s just a matter of relaxing. I can relax. I’m feeling a little better already…

Step 3: Focus on something positive.

Focusing on anything that feels good. Even if it’s a tiny bit good.

Start with something that feels light and good – even if it’s just a little good. Even 1% good is better than 0% good. It doesn’t matter how small or frivalous that thing is. If you focus on something that has even a hint of feel-good factor to it, it will help that vibration grow and with more momentum, it will help you tune into “fun”.

eg 1. I want to find out how my friend is doing maybe I’ll get in touch with them… It’s always interesting to hear how they’re doing…
(That thought contains interest, and interest can be energizing, stimulating and a little more feel-good than lower-vibration states of mind.).

eg 2. I’m kinda craving chocolate right now. Mmm chocolate.. (and then the flow starts towards more positive feelings of desire and tastiness).

eg 3. It’s nice and quiet outside. I like how peaceful the quiet is.
(And then that can help springboard you into other things you like and appreciate in your world.)

etc. etc.

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