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Having a list of life goals can help give you direction in times when you don’t know where you’re going in life. Even during the times of feeling lost, if you just stop for a moment you’ll realize that you still have underlying deep goals that you want to achieve, even if the goal is something as simple as “I want to be happy”. No matter how directionless you may think you are, this list is proof that you definitely have many directions to explore.

If you’re looking to make your own life goals list, below is an example life goals list to help you come up with yours.

In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by long lists of goals, you can asterisk the top 10 goals that you most want to achieve and focus on those first. I’d recommend picking some realistic easy-to-accomplish ones within your top 10 and if you have bigger goals that seem more tricky to achieve, I’d suggest breaking down that goal into baby sized achievable steps you’d need to take to enable you to reach it. As you achieve certain goals you can cross them off the list and of course you can always add new goals as new desires arise.

Without further ado, here is an example life goals list to help get you started with yours:

Money life Goals

  • I want to have enough income to live comfortably and be able to buy anything I want freely.
    You can expand on this goal by defining what “live comfortably” means for you: Money Spread Background - $100 Bills Poster
    - Have an income of X amount of dollars a month / year
    - Live in a nice house
    - Live in comfortable temperature (heating / air conditioning)
    - Have a great car
    - Be able to afford to go on holiday twice a year to exotic locations
    - Be able to afford to eat out in restaurants whenever I want
    - Be able to afford to go out to the cinema, theater and concerts whenever I want
    - Be able to afford to take whichever hobby classes I want
    - Be able to afford to study whatever I want
    - Be able to afford to treat myself to pampering whenever I want
  • Have enough income to give a certain amount of dollars to charity each year

Career life Goals

  • I want to experience what it’s like to work in [insert field here]
    Examples: Movie industry, music industry, law, medicine, art, sport etc
  • I want to experience what it’s like to reach [this level job title] within [this field]
  • I want to experience what it’s like to build my own business from scratch

Family & Relationship life Goals

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  • I’d like to build a secure and loving relationship with a romantic partner
  • I’d like to have a loving family of my own and experience raising children
  • I’d like to spend at least X days a week socializing with friends/ family
  • I’d like to have a family reunion every X years with my family
  • I’d like to have a reunion every X years with my school friends.
  • I’d like to  own my dream pet
  • I’d like to own egg-laying chickens
  • I’d like to know my family history and family tree.
  • I’d like to experience a blind date

Educational life Goals

  • I want a [insert level] qualification in [insert subject here]
    eg high school diploma, bachelor degree, master degree, phd, etc
  • I want to satisfy my curiosity on the subjects that interest me (e.g. history / geography / cultural fun facts / etymology / understanding psychology / body language / understanding health)
  • I want to know how to do [insert subject here].
    Example subjects: photography, acting, playing an instrument, stock market, knitting, how to do CPR, play golf, sewing, jewelry making, snowboarding, dancing, speaking another language, surfing,  gardening, cooking, making your own wine / beer / cheese / chocolate , sailing, juggling,  how to survive in the wilderness etc.

Personal development life goals

  • Increasing happiness and contentment
  • Overcoming fears: I’d like to feel comfortable even when [insert situation].
  • Increasing confidence
  • Feel comfortable giving a speech in front of a crowd
  • Increasing calm and peace: Goals to help achieve this could include meditation practices.
  • Improve certain social skills

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 Physical life goals

  • I’d like to achieve my ideal body weight
  • I’d like to eat healthily
  • I’d like to have a regular exercise regime
  • I’d like to run a marathon

Fun & experiential life goals

  • Write (and publish) a book / movie screenplay / play
  • Be published about in a newspaper / magazine at least once
  • Make a website
  • Make a successful film / short film / drama production
  • Make a song that thousands of others will enjoy
  • Paint a public art mural
  • Play in a band / orchestra
  • Meet [insert inspirational person here]
    eg movie star, celebrity, politician, singer, spiritual leader
  • See the world, and above all I’d love to travel to [insert countries or places here]
    eg Disney world, Venice, Edinbugh, the Caribbean, European landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the tower of Pisa etc
  • Dine in the world’s finest restaurants – make a list of places you’d like to experience.
  • Taste very type of cuisine in the world: British, American, Italian, French, Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Afghani, Khazak, German, Austrian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, , Russian, Israli, Arab, African, Jamaican, Chilean, Argentinian, Brazilian, etc etc etc
  • Reach For The Stars Poster Try adventurious things like mountain climbing / water skiing / skiing / tobogganing / bungee jumping / white water rafting / sky diving / scuba diving / hang gliding/ gliding / parasailing / indoor skydiving / [insert experience here]
  • Try every sport you ever wanted to try: Experience what it’s like to play tennis / badmington / ping pong / football/ archery / darts / insert sport here. (For ideas for more sports you can try check out this list)
  • Play all the games you’ve ever wanted to play – word games, acting games, drawing games, board games, card games.
  • Solve a rubicks cube
  • Finish a jigsaw puzzle
  • Finish a 3D jigsaw puzzle
  • Pet a dog / cat / elephant / chick/ dolphin / shark /  [insert animal here]
  • Ride a horse / elephant / camel / [insert animal here]
  • Milk a cow
  • Ride in a dream car / plane/ speedboat / jet ski / helicopter / hot air balloon / limo/ motorbike /
  • Grow your own fruit / vegetables from scratch
  • Be on TV in a game show / as an extra in a show / in the audience / etc
  • Be in the audience of a baseball game / football match / olympic games / wimbledon [insert your interest here]
  • Dream BIG custom poster Go to at least one red carpet event, Nobel prize ceremony, Oscar ceremony or [insert ceremony you'd like to attend]
  • Read all the books on a top 100 book list of your choice
  • See all the movies on the top 100 movies list of your choice
  • Watch at least one movie from each country that has made a movie.
  • Experience tapping a tree for syrup.
  • Try camping  and experience roasting marshmallows on a fire and sleeping out under the stars
  • Watch the top 10 (or more!) musicals in the world – make a list of the ones you want to see.
  • Go to an acting class at least once just for the fun of it
  • Go to a singing class at least once
  • Experience the celebrations of other cultures around the world eg Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwana, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, etc etc
  • Fly a kite
  • Experience karaoke
  • Experience a nude beach
  • Experience a live fireworks display at least once
  • Experience a massage
  • Experience spa  treatments at least once e.g. deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, try a massage chair
  • Visit all the top movie studios in the world (Universal, Paramount, etc)
  • Visit the Birthplace or home of a historic or cultural figure that you respect and feel inspired by
  • Visit an star observatory at least once
  •  Experience weightlessness e.g. go on a vomit comet

World-related life goals

  • Invent something that helps make the world a better place
  • World Peace Poster

  • Inspire people through your writing / speeches / movies / [insert method here] to make the world a better place
  • Help clean up the world to make it a more beautiful place
  • Create art in public places (murals / sculptures / artistic floral arrangements / landscaping) to make the world a more beautiful place
  • At least once in your life, give a generous cheque / donation to a good cause that you believe in – that will make a difference to them.
  • Donate your time to help charities on a regular basis
  • At least once in your life take part in a peaceful demonastration to raise awareness for a certain cause you believe in.
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