Palmistry: Reading Finger Signs & Meaning of Parts of Fingers

If you find you have a certain sign or symptom that happens to be isolated to a certain segment or subdivision of your finger, this finger sign could have a meaning according to the art of finger reading (a sub-subject within palmistry and hand reading).

By signs or symptoms, we’re talking about things like:

  • a beauty spot or mark that arises on a finger segment
  • redness or swelling that’s isolated to a specific part of the finger
  • an injury that happened on a particular finger subdivision (bruise/ sprain / break / cut / other)
  • Stiffness, pain or sensitivity that’s isolated to a specific location on the finger

To find out what your finger sign could indicate, it’s helpful to look at the diagram below which shows what each finger segment (known as “phalange” in palmistry lingo) symbolizes. The table below goes into more detail about what signs on each finger segment could relate to.

finger palmistry - analysis of phalange subsections subdivision sections - hand reading finger analysis - parts of finger signs meaning

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Finger Top Segment

(Air characteristics that are to do with the Mind and thinking)

Middle Segment

(Fire characteristics that are to do with practical “doing” things)

Bottom Segment

(Earth characteristics that are to do with physical, material things)

Thumb Willpower, Control, Motivation, Stubbornness Logic Focus
Index Finger
(aka Jupiter finger)

- connection with higher self, inner guidance & intuition

- personal beliefs

- thoughts on spirituality

Ambition & Assertiveness in working towards success: taking initiative & going after what you want



Leadership.  Authority, & personal power (vs letting others control you)



In palmistry term, this is the “Gemini segment”. Gemini energies include: mood changes from moment to moment, intelligence, low tolerance for time-wasters. In palmistry term, this is the “Taurus segment”. Taurus energies include loyalty, patience, groundedness, routine, security, tediousness & boredom In palmistry term, this is the “Aries segment” and is ruled by Mars energy which includes energies of aggression & anger
Middle Finger

(aka Saturn finger)

Knowledge Organization: structure & tidiness Idealism eg about ecology, the Environment and the world around us
In palmistry terms, this is the “Capricorn segment”. Traits of the Capricorn sign include  learning from experience,

hardworkingness, perfectionism, rigidity, coldness, pessimism, inhibition, prudence, cautiousness, lack of spontaneity, miserliness

In palmistry terms, this is the “Aquarius segment”. Aquarian traits include: independence, rebelliousness, being tied down, unpredictability, inventiveness, creativity In palmistry terms, this is the “Piscess segment”. Pisces traits include: idealism, peacefulness, dreamer, compassion, working for idealistic causes,
Ring Finger

(aka Apollo finger or Sun finger)


eg doing things & expressing themselves in unusual, unique ways. It also relates to protectiveness & how you react when push comes to shove, under pressure, in crises.

Artistry & Creativity eg inventiveness, self-expression in artistic ways Performing & Entertaining eg how much you enjoy being the centre of attention & putting yourself out there publicly (self-promoting peacock vs private, hiding nature)
In palmistry terms, this is the “Cancer segment”. Traits of the cancer sign include protectiveness, parental tendencies, kindness, sympathy, inferiority, motivation from love In palmistry terms this is the “Leo segment” which is said to relate to individuality and also to healing energies. Leo energies relate to generosity, flamboyance, passion, demonstrativeness, caringness In palmistry terms this is the “Virgo segment”. Virgo energies relate to perfectionism, difficulty in expressing emotions, organization and methodicalness.
Little Finger

(aka Mercury finger)

Communication with people in social, romantic or business situations  (eg shyness & problems communicating vs an excellent, articulate communicator) Problem Solving eg in writing, Business & Finance Honesty & Adaptability

eg getting on well with new technology, adjusting to new places, being adaptable to new ideas and theories

In palmistry terms this is the “Libra segment”. Libra traits include: sensitivity when it comes to judgement, problem-solving, falling in love, charm, diplomatic ability, dithering between balance and imbalance In palmistry terms this is the “Scorpio segment”. Scorpio traits include: deep thinking, problem-solving, secretiveness, investigating. In palmistry terms this is the “Sagittarius segment”. Sagittarius traits include: optimism, adaptability, flexibility, travel, commitment, freedom, open-mindedness, curiosity, trust levels, frankness and honesty




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