Rampage of Appreciation for Always Having Something to Say

Mallard Drake duck photography cute happy birds Postcard One of the things that I think about quite a lot is how important it is for me to always have something interesting to say when I’m hanging out with people. Today as I went for a walk with my dad, I found ideas popping into my mind left right and centre and it felt so good to have that flow that I’d thought I’d do a rampage about it!

  • I love the way ideas for stuff to say pop effortlessly into your head.
  • I love it when the ideas that pop into your head are things are are interesting both to you and to the person you are with.
  • I love the way that when I talk I feel the other person is giving me their full attention and hanging on my every word because what I’m saying is just that interesting to them.
  • I love the way a conversation flows easily; one thing inspiring the next and the next in an effortless, easy waterfall of abundant words and ideas.
  • I love the way you feel when you are excited to share an idea with someone.
  • I love the way it feels when are fascinated by what the other person is telling you.
  • I love the way it feels when chatting together makes me feel all bubbly and excited.
  • I love how you can be present together in an environment and take it in and appreciate it together by conversing about it. I love how the environment can inspire topics of conversation. As I Was Saying... Little Miss Chatterbox Mr Men girly pink Postcard
  • I love how you can do rampages of appreciation with people in conversation.
  • I love the way it feels when ideas for jokes and anecdotes pop into the conversation easily.
  • I love it when you feel so comfortable and relaxed with the other person as you chat.
  • I love the flow of conversation
  • I love the fun of conversation
  • I love new ideas presented in conversation
  • I love it when new positive, vibrant energy arises from conversations
  • I love the jokes, wit and quips that arise in conversation
  • I love a good conversation Happy Little Birds Postcards
  • I love an easy conversation
  • I love a comfortable conversation
  • I love the warmth of a good conversation
  • I love the feeling of love and affection that can be transmitted in a good conversation
  • I love to talk
  • I love to hear interesting stories
  • I love to hear stories of manifestation
  • I love to discover new things through conversation
  • I love to be with people
  • I love always having things to say :)

Little Miss Chatterbox Classic 1 Postcard Mr Chatterbox Classic Post Card

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