Rampage of Appreciation for Sport

When you use your body physically in sport, there are so many good things you can gain from sports:

You feel the aliveness in your body as the fresh air rushes through your body and fills your body with aliveness!

For many sports you get to interact with the fresh air – to be outside, maybe appreciating the feeling of the grass beneath your feet, or the feeling of the sunshine shining down on you, lighting up the world around you with its golden beams.

How great it feels to USE your body!

How great it feels to acomplish results with your physical body and with your physical strength!

How much appreciation it gives you for your body and strength!

You learn to go beyond what you thought your limits were.
You see yourself improving and getting better with practice which is so satisfying!

You learn that practice, and patience to allow yourself the time and space to get better and better – gets results.

You learn what it feels like to use your body in a way which feels like you’re using all your muscles to the max; using your body to the max – utilising your full potenetial – which is a wonderful feeling to know that you’re using your talent and potential to the fullest that you can!

You learn to look after your body and respect it so that it will help you to function optimally – to achieve that satisfying fullest potential.

You learn teamwork; because for many sports in order to win, you need the team to win.

You learn the satisfaction of how great it feels when you are able to succeed even when conditions are challenging.

You learn to keep going and not to give up.

And sport can even be a kind of meditation. When you play, you’re not thinking about taxes and politics – no! you’re focused! you’re focused on the sport! And for that time that your focus is on the sport, your thoughts are free of the normal baggage – and you are lighter; freer.. no wonder engaging in sport feels good!

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