SacconeJoly Music used in their youtube videos

Musical Star sacconejoly music used as background music in their videos Hey guys! One of the youtube channels I really enjoy watching is the SacconeJolys and I find that the creator behind it, Jonathan Saccone Joly picks some really great upbeat, uplifting, happy musical tracks but I couldn’t find any resource online where someone listed the names of the songs he uses, so I went on a mission to try and find out myself! After reading online that a lot of youtubers get their music on a website called “” (#not_a_spon/ not an affiliate), I had a browse on this website and found most of the songs Jonathan uses (as well as finding some songs that other youtubers use too). If you stick the title of the songs below into the audionetwork site’s search bar, the song should come up and you can listen to the whole song within their website. I’ve also added links to each song for a shortcut way to get to the specific song you’re after on their site.

So without further ado, below are the songs I’ve found so far that I’m pretty sure I’ve heard and loved on the SacconeJoly vlogs. (And yes, there are a lot more songs on this list than I thought there would be! He uses more than I realised!)

Music Used in Older Videos (pre-Summer 2017)
[[scroll down to next section for post-summer 2017 songs - or just do a Ctrl+F "find words on this page" search for the term "newer"]]

Arranged in Alphabetical Order:

  • Acoustic Blue by Terry Devine-King (instrumental with non-word vocals:  slow, gentle, quiet, nu folk with upliting vocal harmonies, guitar and steady build – “”heeeeey–eh-ehhhh”)
  • Always Summer by Adam Drake (PRS) – instrumental, country – ish sound; Upbeat, carefree nostalgic acoustic guitar nu folk, gentle percussion.
  • Angelica by Terry Devine-King/ Adam Drake (Instrumental: cheerful acoustic guitar building to a catchy melody – guitar, chilled)
  • Another Rainy Day by Will Cookson – mellow acoustic guitar. Indie-folk with an air of resignation, featuring male/female vocals.
  • Back to School by adam drake / tom jenkins – Instrumental with non-word vocals: happy nu folk with children’s la la lala la laaa vocal melody
  • Beat Feat by terry devine-king / adam drake – Instruemental: cool, funky, groovy, upbeat retro acoustic guitar groove
  • Big Dreams by Terry Devine-King/ Adam Drake – Instrumental: happy, cheerful, whistle / whistling tune, cheery, fun - Up-tempo, lively nu folk with cheerful whistled melody. Slight Irish lilt to it.
  • Big Fun by Tim Reilly / James Scholes – Cool, pop, non-word male vocals, happy, fun, cheerful, food-stomping folk with catchy male vocal and marching snare (“da-bala-da” / da dala la…. rampa pam pa!)
  • Bird Song by Max Brodie – Female vocals with lyrics: “Hey little birdy why are you so sad? You know you don’t look like the other birds but that shouldn’t make you feel so bad…” quirky cute bouncy song with innocent slightly cockney English / British accent singing
  • *** Bliss by Philip Guyler / John Stax – Non-word vocals: (ba-ba-boo-loo-ba-ba etc) (cool, feel good pop with vocals guitars and driving rhythm section) *love this song!*
  • Bright Morning by Christopher  Brooke (Non-word vocals: do-di-doo-do-di-doo-etc – reminds me of raindrops falling – instrumental; gentle bright uplifting contemporary folk with handclaps / subtle clapping and quirky male vocals)
  • *** Bright Sunshine by Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Steve Dymond & David Hick – Male Vocals song with lyrics:
    “Got up this morning, put on my shoes. When I’m with you ain’t got nothing to lose. Well I’m so happy when I’m singing the blues. When I’m walking and in the sunshine, and in the morning, under the moonlight, I’m so happy when I’m singing with you… Down by the river, take off my shoes, I got time, ain’t got nothing to lose, I’m so happy when I’m singin’ the blues.” Country-feel, Bluesy, uplifting indie folk with catchy male vocal, Dobro guitar & drums
  • bring your sunshine by chris bussey / gareth johnson: Female Vocals with words: Lyrics: “find a boy settle down not the same without you around, you mean the world to me, stay the kiss make a dream holdig hands became a theme, you stole the sun for me” – pop
  • Bubba Dum by Terry Devine-King/ Oliver Jackson / Dave Oliman – Instrumental with non-word vocals: quirky festive romp with whistling, merry kazoos, humming and slide guitar, silly, fun
  • Best of Times by Terry Devine-King / Adam Drake: Instrumental with some female non-vocal “hey i yey”s & “dey oooo”s. Light, bright and positive nu folk with cheerful female vocal harmonies topline. Cute.
  • Bugsy by Bob Bradley / Terry Devine-King: End-screen – Instrumental: silly, qua-qua-sound. Cheeky 1930s swinging jazz mashed with banging house beats
  • Buttercup by Barrie Gledden / Kes Loy -  Instramental: Lilting nu folk waltz with guitar, mandolin and recorder, glock,
  • Cheeky Charlie by Bob Bradley & Paul Mottram – instrumental circus-like 20s / 30s silly swing. Cheeky jazz romp with electro elements & happy-go-lucky brass
    Used in vlogs including: 17/10/2016,
  • cloudburst by adam drake /tom jenkins: Instrumental with non-word vocals: joyous piano glock and kids vocal hook with rousing indie guitar pop chorus – la-la-la lala
  • *** Convertible Cruising by Jim Studer – Love this one! Instrumental with non-word vocals (lots of wa oooo s): mid tempo laid back californian surf feel close harmony vocal over 1960s shuffle groove ~ Sounds like The Beach Boys a little with cool summery surfer vibes
  • Country Show by Terry Devine-King/ Adam Drake – Instrumental country sound – farm – happy bright upbeat irish/english folk band
  • Crystal Creek by Igor Dvorkin / Freddy Gottlieb / Duncan Pittlock / Ellie Kidd – Instrumental: gentle, soft, soothing tune
  • Day in the sun by Philip Guyler/ Luncoln Grounds: Instrumental: qurky ditty with piano, whistling, guitar, marimba – silly tune
  • Ditty by duncan pittock / mark johns – Instrumental with whistling: jaunty insouciant ukulele strumming with a nonchalant whistle – fun, light, happy
  • Don’t fall by Bob Bradley / Chris Ega- Instrumental: cool funky, kinky laid back rhythm and blues groove with sexy horns and smokin’ piano
  • duck soup by david o’brien / johnny lithium: Instrumental with whistling – whistle tune – laid back jazz trio with walking brass lines and carefree whistled melody
  • Electric feeling by bob bradley / chris bussey / sarah wassall – Pop vocal song: Lyrics: “we’re going out, it’s a beautiful day, looks like the sun is here to stay, ” – upbeat US indie punk pop song with high on life female vocal
  • Eyebright by  Terry Devine-King (PRS) / Adam Drake (PRS) – Pretty acoustic guitar with a touch of glockenspiel. Instrumental, gentle, soft, acoustic guitar, neutral-mood.
  • Family Days by Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Steve Dymon and David Hick. Country song. Summery indie folk with cool male vocals, ukulele & playful percussion.  Male vocals with lyrics: “Summer time feeling fine, chasing clouds away, coz family time is all I need to survive another day. Rolling on, singing songs as we watch the world go by. Coz family time is all I need just to ride and love my days.”
  • Feel Love by  Bob Bradley  | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond  | Rosie Doonan, – Used on Jonathan’s “MEET OUR NEW BABY!” vlog when they showed the ultrasound. Sad, moving, touching, Epic pop ballad with reflective & emotional female vocal – female vocals with lyrics: “The day you called the sun was big and low to the ground, cold it froze my fingers tight. Time was still and I was lost from si?.. for a while.. you-oo-hoo had my heart, knew it from the start, You had my heart.. cold inside.. and every picture made, every sound that played is tattooed on my skin forever… you’re never gonna feel love, never feel the way this hurts, coz all that matters is what we dream of now… Do you ever want to feel love, do you ever feel the way this hurts…”
  • Free and Easy by Philip Guyler / John Stax – Instrumental with whistle tune: whistling, fun, laid back, relaxed,
  • Friends Forever by Barrie Gledden and Tim Reilly – Male vocals, pop with slow, gentle start, and gets into catchy chorus. Idealistic, optimistic, about being friends forever, friends together, getting along, building a better future together. – Lyrics go:  “All we want and all we need is each other, before the day is gone. We’re singing our song and we work things out together, and now our time has come. Coz we can make a difference if we come together as one.”
  • Gentleman’s Club by Bob Bradley & Terry Devine-King – quirky 20s / 30s - Cheeky fusion of old brass, clarinets, vinyl vocals & hip hop swing beats
  • Gonna Be Just Fine by Dave James, Keith Beauvais and Sulene Fleming – Cheery pop song with female vocal. Sunshine all teh way. Lyrics go “i saw you, walking to the room. My heart went BOOM.
    Now every day i think of us in the summer or am i just lost in a dream?
    Tell me: what about sunday, what about monday, or meeting me half way. The weather (…?) maybe rain or shine.. the weather will be just fine..fine fine..fine fine.
    I can wait, and i’m impatient as my mama she said, best things come to those who wait.. but it’s too late now, i’ve already fallen for you
    tell me, what about sunday what about monday, or meeting me half way. The weather … maybe rain or shine.. the weather will be just fine”
  • *** Good Morning World by Barrie Gledden / Chris Bussey / Steve Dymond – Pop song with vocals: (Lyrics: “Good morning world again, feel the.. take a bus into Rio, Good morning take my hand, feel the breeze, hit the streets… flamingo… today feel so good, to hang out with my friends. I’m gonna see my friends, spend it all with friends).
  • Great big smile by david tobin / jeff meegan – Song with word vocals: chirpy song. Lyrics: “its such a happy day i’m singing a song; in such a happy way come on sing along, its undeniable how a smile can change your view so put a great big smile on you – ba lu ba lu balubalubalu doo”
  • Hallow Bright by Adam Drake / Tom Jenkins (instrumental: soft, gentle indie folk with warm acoustic guitar, dreamy piano and vocal pads, neutral mood)
  • Happy folk by Chris Blackwell – Instrumental: upbeat nu folk with heavy tom toms drums, good beat, whistles glockenspiel and fuzz bass
  • (harvest queen by jeremy sherman – Instrumental: bumbling tune. mid tempo morris style folk dance builds over 4 verses – rarely used by SJs, but I think maybe I heard it once or twice. )
  • Home and Dry by Terry Devine-King / Adam Drake – Instrumental: bright easy going nu folk with acoustic guitars, whistled melody and clock. Whistles / whistling tune.
  • *** Home to You by  Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez & Steve Dymond -  Country-feel song with male vocals. Lyrics go: “City lights, they shine so brightly, when I’m coming home to you. Every night when I’m driving home, all I think about is you. Won’t be long till I see your smile, like the sun you shine on through…. City lights they shine so brightly when I’m coming home to you. Every time I’m flying home all I think about is you. Won’t be long till I’m by your side, just like the sun you shine on through.”  – Uplifting modern folk with emotive male vocal, fiddle, drums & double bass
  • I Close My Eyes by Liz Reynolds, Tim Reilly & Jason Pedder – indie, singersongwriter style, mellow, sad, slow female vocals; song with words. Lyrics go:
    “Sun shines brightly through the window pane.
    Day has broken but I’m staying here.
    I close my eyes and snuggle down.
    Back down to sleep but a smile is sneaking out.
    Slowly sinking softly into sleep.
    Dreaming of all the things we’ve done and all we’ve seen.
    I close my eyes and snuggle down.
    Back down to sleep but a smile’s sneaking out.”
  •  I’ll Follow You by Tim Reilly / James Scholes / Jeff Dale (PRS)  – soft, gentle tune. Female vocals. Lyrics go: “Like a bird that wants to fly, like a star that needs the night. I see it in your eyes, I’ll follow you. I loved the way your voice sounds when you say whereever we will stay, I’ll go your way. Always.”
  • I’m all at Sea by Will Cookson: Melancholic male vocals. Lyrics go something like: “Lost in the fog in the heart in the harbor, caught by the tide in a boat with no anchor. Sailing away to an island that can’t be found. I’m watching the stars asleep in the ocean chained to the hound(?) with a rudder that’s broken. I’m all out at sea with a boy that I once knew..”
  • I Screw Everything Up by Julian Emery/Alex Davies/Jeremy Wheatly – summery, happy upbeat Teenage teen pop sound – Energetic pop punk anthem with jagged guitars & angsty vocals.
    Lyrics go: “such a mess now I ruin everything I screw everything up. In my defence all my friends keep telling me you can’t change and you never give up. She’s got me tied round her finger.”
    (Thanks for finding this one Noelle! ^_^)
  • In Disguise by Chris Bussey (PRS) / Gareth Johnson (PRS)  – Rock song. I’ve probably misheard the lyrics, but they go something like: “when you owe me a secret and told me that everything’s gonna be fine. I could tell in my natural hell that you’d given me up to the live. You’re a tricks.. to a dark queen in disguise. Can you lie to me secretly cry to me… such a crime.. yeah, the queen of disguise, yeah, … ” I used to think it was “queen of the skies” rather than queen of disguise lol!  punchy, pumping, driving, Powerful rock pop with anthemic male vocal & epic chorus; strong drum beat.
    Used in vloges including: 25/9/2016
  • It’s all the same to me by paul mottram – Instrumental with whistles: jaunty whistling with gypsy jazz feel and featured piano.
  • Let’s go then by raphael west/ alan pink / jamie elder – Instrumental with non-word vocals: cool, positive up-tempo indie with fat drums, layered guitars and vocal hook (ooh ooh)
  • Life is Sweet by Terry Devine-King/ Adam drake – Instrumental with whistles: whistling tune, cute, happy-go-lucky indie folk with whistled melody and handclaps
  • Little miracle by tim reilly / james scholes /jeff dale: Non-word vocals: female voice with echoing group vocals: da-da-da-da-dada- fun indie folk song with uplifting lyrics and quirky male/female vocal hooks)
  • Losing Control by Simon Brown.
    Sassy, retro,  sixties, soul pop with female vocals.  Melodic pop with powerful female singer & a 1960s feel
    Lyrics go: “My mama told me I got a lot to learn, she said love’s not a healer, sometimes it burns. I told her not to worry I know where he’s at, she said don’t you dare come running back.”
  • * Love Gone Wrong by Lewis Andrew/ Hamish Fingland / Chris Potter – Song with vocals: pop / indie pop song – stomping  summer acoustic indie op song with male vocals.
    Lyrics: “Hello Morning, now it’s time to go, after sleeping on the floor i go on slipping out the door before you see my face”
    Used in vlogs including: 18/10/2016,
  • love is by sue verran / philip guyler – Vocal song with lyrics: whimsoical nu folk song about love with nylon guitar, whistling and cute female vocals “la-la-la-la-la-la love is love, let’s talk about you, let’s talk about me, let’s talk about you you you let’s talk about me me me, let’s talk about la-la-la-la-la-la love is love”
  • Love is Home by Jake Shillingford & Nicholas Evans  – Vocal indie-pop song with guitar, male vocals, good drum beat – the guy’s voice and style reminds me of Passenger’s Let her Go a little – lyrics:  “I’ll carry your love, I’ll carry your love, I’ll carry your love all the way home… oo wey o wey o — love is home… Your heart, your soul, your way, is no burden at all”
    (Thanks for finding this one Rachael! ^_^)
  • Love Summer by Adam Drake / Tom Jenkins  – Instrumental: relaxed acoustic summer pop with catchy hooks and feel-good reggae vibe
  • *** Loving you is Easy by Barrie Gledden / Tim Reilly / Jeff Dale) – Female Vocals pop song: Lyrics: “loving you is easy you’re amazing; feel like i could laugh or act or cry; loving is cushy you’re so handsome, please take a bite of my apple pie, oh baby baby never leave me, say you’ll be my boy always and forever, we’ll be together, coz i think i love you and i think i need you..”)
  • Lucky you by terry devine king/ adam drake – Instrumental with whistles: upbeat bustling nu folk with jolly whistled melody, whistling tune.
  • *** Making me Smile by Max Brodie -LOVE THIS ONE! :) Instrumental with non-word vocals: “oom ba balala oomba” happy rhythmic indie folk with lively percussions and quirky vocal chant
  • More to Life by Christopher Brooke / Lincoln Grounds – Vocals: positive quirky indie folk with male and femal vocals (not used very often by SJ)
  • Na Na Na – by Richard Kimmings / Kes Loy
  • Rainy Days by Gareth Johnson – Driving indie pop with male vocals. Upbeat, happy song. Reminds me a little of McFly / McBusted style.
    Lyrics go: “we are getting older dear, but time’s still on our side. Want to take you with me love, need you by my side.”
    Used in vlogs including: 19/10/2016,
  • ** Raspberry by Philip Guyler/ John Stax-  Instrumental with whistles: infectious cheerful whistling silliness – cute happy ukulele strums – fun tune, with silly kazoos – used a lot by SJs.
    Used in vlogs including: 16/10/2016,
  • Ray of Light by Terry Devine-King – innocent nu folk with female vocals, whistling theme and choral section “la-la-lala”
  • Rock my Bit by Tom Peters, Gavin Harrison, Lorenzo De Feo, Remy Mallet – upbeat, computer game -y sound. Instrumental with soft male “yeah yeah yeah!”s – Lively, energetic bit pop punk with male vocal chants
  • Say Goodbye by Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez and Steve Dymond, used by Jonathan on endscreen as the outro / outtro in recent videos. Lyrics go: “oh say goodbye! I’m gonna say goodbye. Ooh say goodbye. I’m going to say goodbye.”
  • Secret by Martin Felix Kaczmarski & Alex Arcoleo – vacation, summery summer vibes upbeat optimistic indie pop with eh oh ooh oo vocals. Used in the beginning of this video
  • *** She Likes you by Terry Devine-King/ Weston Foster – bright upligting toe tapping indie pop with doo-doo harmonies. Starts with “Ahhh”s, then faster paced “doo doolu, doo doolu”
  • Shuffle Town by Tom Peters & Greg McDonald – Bright & carefree acoustic folk with whistled & xylophone toplines – instrumental, cute, whistles, fun, light
  • Summer in the City – Vocals with lyrics: “In the summer, in the city” – rock beat – Groovy summer rock pop with cool male vocal & thumping drums
  • sun flower by terry devine-king/ adam drake – Instrumental: gentle, relaxed, quiet, peaceful, calm, jaunty acoustic guitar buildint to drums and upright bass (instrumental)
  • Sun on my Face by Alexander L’Estrange & Ben Parry – light-hearted fun whistles & Irish-sounding Instrumental
  • Sweet Nothing by Will Cookson & Amy May Ellis
    Cute & catchy indie folk love song with sweet female vocal
    Lyrics: “Long hard days in the shade of some big old tree, making daisy chains and watching all the honey bees.”
  • Thank you very much by Alexander L’Estrange / Ben Parry – used in end-screen sometimes to say thank you to us – in upbeat, fun harmony way
  • *** The Optimist – by barrie gledden / kes loy / richard kimmings- Pop song with vocals: bouncy feel good pop with male vocal.
    Lyrics: “Birds are in the trees the grass is green the skies are blue today. Pretty girls with flowers in their hair children sing and play.”
  • This Feeling by Barrie Gledden / Chris Bussey / Evelyn Glennie / Steve Dymond – Instrumental: joyful sprightly nu folk with piano, ukulele, happy handclaps and vocal hook
  • This ordinary life by andy huckvale – bouncy indie pop song with catchy male vocals *dey ooh dey ooo” – joins up with pop song although SJ usually cuts it off before then.
  • Time is all We Have by Barrie Gledden – Male Vocal mellow folksy acoustic song with Lyrics: “Does the moon not know it needs the sun to shine, illuminating all… Does the rain not know that it needs the sun to shine evaporating all the little droplets to the sky? Time time time’s not on our side.. I was hoping you won’t mind if I hang around this time.. Time is all we have… Does the sun not know it could not outshine the beauty in your eyes? I guess it knows not to try… Does the wind not know it could never blow with the way I feel.”  Thoughtful, romantic folk pop song with male vocal & acoustic guitar
    (Thanks for finding this one Rachael! ^_^)
  • To the Sunrise by Pete Masitti & John Andrew Barrow.
    Funky US hip hop with male rap – urban, gritty, RnB rapping with male rapper rapping, often used by Jonathan in workout / working out/ exercise / gym sessions or action sequences. The lyrics go something like this:
    “When the microphone is jacked in the headphones fit for the base and you just feel your heads gonna split, come out of all the mess leave the dead zone quick/ quit make sure your arms are…like they were left on brisk, if you think that this is a game then i’ll bet on this, crush the world make it flat and play chess on it, i’ll stand behind my balls i’m a self-convict”
  • True Love by Terry Devine-King & Steve Levine.
    Up-tempo early sixties / 60s soul hit featuring male vocal as the lead with background singers saying “true love!” as backing vocals.
    Lyrics:”True love! I need you so bad.True love! Come on now baby now that I’ve found my true love. True Love!”
  • ** Wake by Jake Field / Randall Breneman / Duncan Thompson – Instrumental: sleepy start, followed by more upbeat “Doop be doop doo” / “Doo bi doop doo” / “Doo bee doop doo” happy summery folk with sing-along vocals, acoustic guitar and mellotron. Gentle, soft, nostalgic,
  • Wake up by Randall Breneman / Lincoln Grounds: Country Song with male vocals: Southern fried soul with uplifting gospel style – Dixie in my soul chorus.
    Lyrics: “I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve been roaming way too long, sleeping in the pick-up with my boots on, yeah I’m trying to do the best that I can.”
  • Watch Me by Simon Anderson / Duncan Pittock
    Lyrics go: “Babe I’m in a cage, I want my feet up on the stage, I want my face on every page in every paper. Want my name up there in lights, I want to sing for you tonight, and I’ll burn if you just light the taper… and I find that I’m blind when the light shines…”
    Used by Jonathan here: 24 Oct 2016 vlog:
  • ** We are Perfect by Liz Reynolds,  Tim Reilly & Jason Pedder – Light indie folk song with female vocals & driving snare drum builds.
    Lyrics: “You are forever mine, you are mine and that’s fine. I will protect you all the time, all the time, because you’re mine. Oh the places we will go. We are perfect forever, for ever.  Yeah we are perfect. Forever. Forever.”
    (Thanks for finding this one Radhika! ^_^)
  • Whale of a Time by Terry Devine-King / Adam Drake – Instrumental: simple happy acoustic nu folk with glockenspiel and piano melody
  • What a day by barrie gledden /chris busssey / steve dymond – foot tapping piano rock with strong male vocal hooks and close harmonies.  Male vocals singing:
    Lyrics: “Na na nana naa. Na na na na na. What a day, what a year, fit the stars, inside some mere?.. you’ve arrived on the scene, fix the odds to get the green … Do you know what i’m saying, can you dream and fake it off.. got something to believe in.. dream dream dream…. Dream dream all the way, take that ride without the lid, a little more sun a little less rain. Coz there ain’t no second chances..”
  • When the sun comes out by Max Brodle “We’re going on a holiday to meet the sun and dodge the rain let’s hope the weather stays nice, i’ve got a swimsuit in my bag, facor 15 in my hand, lets hope the weather stays nice, summer suns playing in my heads .. in a good mood”
  • With Me Now by Thom Franck & Jamie Elder
    “Take me by the hand,
    lead me across the land
    and throw my fears into the sea.
    I’m guided by your grace
    your hope and strong embrace
    you’re just a part of me”
    (Thanks for finding this one Music Lover! ^_^)
  • You know I love you by Philip Guyler / John Stax
    Lyrics: “You know i love you baby more every day, you are my sweetheart baby in every way you are the one that i will always adore. say you’ll be mine for ever more.” – cheerful 1950s syryupy love song with piano retro guitar and bubblegum vocals

. . .

Music Used in Newer Videos (post-Summer 2017)

Around Summer 2017, the music changed from upbeat to more slow, serious, melancholic, nostalgic, sentimental & broody. Many are by Tom Rosenthal (also used by youtuber Adrian Bliss). Here are some of the songs from this period:

Arranged in Alphabetical Order:

  • About the Weather by Tom Rosenthal
    brooding, melancholic, Melancholy piano with male vocals.
    Lyrics go: “Down go the sheets don’t have the answers, oh I’ve been looking for those bad boys since day one. One blade of grass in a field of dancers, oh I’ve searched for every reason and found none. So take me on an adventure let it be a golden one. I don’t know much about the weather, so meet me in the morning sun.
  • End slate song – Say Goodbye – see above
  • It’s Ok by Tom Rosenthal & Max Brodie – melancholic, Melancholy piano with male vocals.
    Lyrics go something like: “Keep me in my heart is here, my love has gone away. Tell me true my heart is new my love has gone away. It’s ok, I know someday I’ll be with you. It’s ok I know someday I’ll be with you. Speak to me, my heart is free my love has gone away. Tell me true, my heart is blue, my love has gone away.”
  • I want you in my dreams by Tom Rosenthal. Melancholy piano, melancholic male vocals.
    Lyrics go: “Oh I ain’t seen nothing like this before in my life. Hold me close, I need you so, I want you in my dreams. You’ll see I’ve come a long way for you my love. You’lll see I’ve come a long with you my love.
  • Middle of my Mind by Tom Rosenthal. Delicate acoustic guitar & male vocals.
    Lyrics go something like: “You were in the flow of things, and you know I was never.. somehow.. Windows in the sun I think I see… Light is on the run it’s going away.. Hello to you, did you ever know that you were in the middle of my mind… You were in the sand.. I was there with you some how somehow.”
  • Oh Tonight by Tom Rosenthal
    Upbeat uplifting folk with male vocals and nostalgic retro flute
    Lyrics go: “Let’s run through the clouds to the sky, let’s go-ho-o-o-o-. We don’t know, if that’s far, … oh we’ve got time.. tonight. Oh Tonight. Dreams, let them come, let’s be one, let’s go…
  • Picture of a Century by Jonathan Lloyd – Fingerpicked guitar with nostalgic vocal & uplifting strings ending.
    Lyrics go something like: “How those days they were fast and free
    not a worry just you and me.
    You could be where we wanted to be
    Times they change but you stay the same
    Down in the streetlight in the pouring rain
    On a corner when you needed me
    You grey younger as we grew old
    The world grew strangers.. bought and sold.
    Said you died and left you out in the cold.”
  • Seasons Under my Bed by Tom Rosenthal & Alex Brenchley – male vocals
    Lyrics go: “I’ve got treetops under my head. I’ve got seasons under my bed. I’ve got troubles in the night-time troubles in the day-time too. Oooo.. I’v got sand dunes in between my toes, I’ve got hilltops shadowing my woes. I’ve got troubles in the nighttime, troubles in the daytime too.”
  • Soon Soon by Tom Rosenthal
    Calm, upbeat, hopeful, hope, acoustic guitar with male vocals
    Lyrics go: “Oh today was just today and you’ve dont with it ok but tomorrow is a boy who needs to roam / run. You’ve seen it all before and you’ve knocked down all the doors, but tomorrow is a funny looking one. Oh everything is about to change, but I say bring it closer to me. Oh it’s coming soon, like the spinning of the moon, in truth it is already happening. Think back to the start when we sang with bolder hearts and the darkness wasn’t even borhering. Oh everything is about to change but I say bring it closer to me. Bring the star and the blows and everything it knows and I say bring it closer to me. Oooo.
  • When I was Younger by Tom Peters, Greg McDonald & Tom Rosenthal
    Upbeat, male vocals
    Lyrics go something like: “I’ll hold you in the end and if the end won’t be my friend then I will drive.. to ..someone else someone better than myself for tonight… I’ll get you in the end and if the end won’t be my friend then I will fly over hills over fields over places filled …”
  • Woodland Lullaby by Will Cookson and Amy May Ellis. Lyrics go something like this: “Moon in the night sky how brightly she shines, now all the world’s asleep. But the leaves in the woodland whisper their lines to the roots running so deep.”
    (Thanks for finding this one Alisha rose! ^_^)
  • Worthing Beach by Will Cookson – Reflective Nostalgic with tenor male vocals
    Lyrics go: “Hear the seagulls crying in my dreams over ice cream cones dropped in the sand. And all the castles .. that we paid for the tide to wash away..”

- – -

Songs used by other youtubers

Other familiar sounding upbeat songs that were on there that I think I’ve heard used by other youtube creators as background music were:

May Contain Nuts by Lincoln Grounds / Michael Pearse
Silver Sparkle by Adam Drake / Tom Jenkins
Going all the way by Martin Felix Kaczmarski
How’s it Going by Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Back to School by Adam Drake / Tom Jenkins
Washing Line by Philip Guyler / John Stax (used by Tyler Oakley)

Pure and Simple by Sue Verran / Philip Guyfer
friendship by alex arcoleo
Gladsome girl 2 by tim renwick
Secret by Martin Felix Kaczmarski & Alex Arcoleo

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143 Responses to SacconeJoly Music used in their youtube videos

  1. Me says:

    Awesome list! Im sure it took a long time to get that together.. Very cool. I’m looking for the song played walking into Emilia’s frozen bday party 9/12.. Lyrics are I’ll carry your love all the way home… I’ve looked everywhere. If you know it please reply! Thanks a lot!

  2. Rachael Burrows says:

    Another one is Little Rock Star by Terry Devine-King

  3. Oh and

    Time is all we have – Barrie Gledden (Jonathan’s favourite)

  4. Jen says:

    Does anyone know the song at the end of the 9/25 video? I’ve heard it at the end of several of their vlogs. I’d love to find that one!

  5. Abbey says:

    Is the one that starts ‘City Lights, they shine so brightly when I’m coming home to you’ on here? I can last find it used in the vlog when they are coming home from Orlando. I really love it!

  6. Phoebe says:

    What is the song that the lyrics are “You are forever mine, you are mine”? I love this song and I can’t find it anywhere!

    • SpiritualCookie says:

      Hi Phoebe – I think I know the one you mean though I haven’t found that one yet. Do you have a link to a video and timestamp featuring this song, so that I can listen to the lyrics of the whole song which may help me find it?

      If anyone else knows, please do chip in : )

    • Radhika says:

      Hi…i love this song too…its called “we are perfect” by Liz Reynolds

  7. Nicole says:

    Anyone knows the song at the end of the video on 15th October? :)

    • SpiritualCookie says:

      Here’s the time-stamped link to the 15th October SJ video with this song for anyone who’s up for the challenge of finding it:

      I’ve listened to the first 1-2 seconds of all the “hip hop” songs and all the ones that come up when you search “rap” in audionetwork – no luck yet.

  8. Demi says:

    Does anyone know the song at the end of a few of their new videos ? “We are getting older dear but times still on our side ” i have already googled it but i cant find anything ! Xxx

  9. Hirali says:

    What the song that starts at around 5:20 in their vlog from 28 April 2016…The one that’s called ‘Best House Tour Ever!’

  10. Yasmine says:

    There’s a song I cannot find anywhere it’s been used on a few SJ vids now, ‘I wanna see my. And in lights..’ and ‘and I find that I’m blind when the light shines…’
    cannot find it anywhere if anyone’s knows it please let me know!

  11. nina says:

    thank you for posting the links of the song :) i am so happy to find them…..

  12. Andrea says:

    Does anyone know the song that starts at around 1:52 in their vlog from November 8 2016, it’s called ‘Kids Fort Challenge’. Cannot find it anywhere!

  13. pleasehelp!!! says:

    There’s a song I’ve heard a few times and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!! It’s at the end of this video and a few other recent ones and from what I in tell the lyrics go something like “such a mess now I ruin everything, I screw everything up. In my defence all my friends keep telling me you cant change…”

  14. Janice says:

    Does anyone know what song this is? It goes like this….
    The sun shines brightly through the window pane. The day has broken but I m staying here. I close my eyes and snuggle down.


  15. katie says:

    Does anyone know the one he used on his summary of 2016 video. It goes ‘what about sunday what about monday or meeting me half way… we’re gonna be just fine’.
    Thank you!

  16. Albina says:

    Does anyone know the song at the end of this video ? Can’t find it anywhere(( if anyone’s knows it please let me know! Thank you )

  17. Ada says:

    Omg you are most awesome I have been looking for these for so long!

  18. Monika says:

    Does anyone know the song at the strat of the video??–9RGeE

  19. Taylor says:

    I’ve been trying to find the song at the end of this video for so long if anyone knows it?

  20. Yasmine says:

    Has anyone yet found the song from their older videos? It seems to be the only one I want to find that’s not on the list :(
    The only words you can ever hear at the end of their videos are:

    “(babe?) im in a cage, I want my feet up on the stage, I want my face on every page of every paper, want my name up there in lights, I wanna sing for you tonight and il burn if you just light the taper… and I find that I’m blind when the light shines…”

    I’m going to be the happiest person in the world if anyone can find this!!

  21. Yasmine says:

    I cannot believe youve found it! That’s amazing, definitely made my day thank you.

  22. Lauren says:

    Hey! I don’t know if you still come on this website but I really need your help.. there is this piano music behind part of the vlog “Everything changed again & again” and I’ve been trying to find it for ages, and you seem to be my last hope.. it’s the part when Jonathan is in the car ringing people and some beautiful piano music plays behind, if you could find that, that would be amazing, thank you!

    • SpiritualCookie says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Found it! It’s “Fond Memories” by David Kelly

      I found 1 more that is kinda similar that you might enjoy too if you liked that Fond Memories one:
      Melting Ivory by Jody Jenkins

      • Lauren says:

        Oh my god thank you thank you THANK you ever ever ever so much!!! You are literally a life saver, I can’t thank you enough. Been waiting since last year for this song to be found so honestly thank you. If you don’t mind, this is not on a sacconejolys song but there is a song in the background of Marina Joyce’s video “fish tail braid” which I’m obsessed with too and haven’t been able to find it.. are you able to have a look for me and see if you can find it for me? If you can’t don’t worry x

        • SpiritualCookie says:

          Happy to help : )

          I’m not sure where to look for that Marina Joyce video song – The only reason I can find SacconeJoly songs reasonably easily is because all their songs are on audionetwork and that site has a helpful search tool. But not sure if Marina uses audionetwork songs – if she doesn’t it makes the searching process a little different. My tip for finding songs would be to write down key phrases from the lyrics and put those into a google search within quotation marks “like this” and see if anything comes up as a match. Or search the comments section of the video and see if anyone has said what the title is there. Hope it turns up x

          • Lauren says:

            aw I understand thank you any way! I’ve been doing that for ages the whole taking lyrics from the song and see if it comes up but it doesn’t which is stressful but at least you found one of them for me. Thank you again sweetie!x

  23. Lucy says:

    What is the song that starts in this vlog at 8:40 thanks

  24. Liv says:

    Does anyone know the song that it starts with on May 5th 2016? The one where they find out squid has died :(

  25. Anna says:

    Does anyone know the song at the end of Anna’s video called “How to keep your clothes looking new!” ?? It goes like this ” hey oh uh oh uh oh oh listen to my heart beat listen to my heart beat hey oh uh oh uh oh oh listen to my heart beat listen to my heart beat”

  26. Noelle says:

    Thank you so much, I cannot express how grateful I am, for your effort. It was so hard watching their vlogs and not being able to find the songs they used.

  27. Anastasia says:

    Hi! You did a great job finding all the music, thank you very much! maybe i’ve missed it in the list, but if i haven’t, could you please help find the song that’s playing while they’re playing in the pool in this video: starting from 0:58? I’ve been trying to find it ever since, I would really appreciate it if you helped! thanks anyway :)

  28. MusicLover says:

    Hi friends,
    Does anyone know the song…. “Take me by the hand, guide me across the land”!
    It’s in the “Going for baby scan” video, April 21st 2016
    Absolutely love it, thank you in advance xoxo
    ps: Great work!! This list is beyond helpful!

  29. May says:

    Hey, thank you so much for making this list, I love all of them, but I was wondering if you know the outro song Jonathan uses in his vlogs? I’ve been searching for ages now and I just cant find it

  30. Foshoo says:

    Anyone know the song in the vlog “New car for the baby” when they show clips from the beach? It’s from March 15, 2017. Thx!

  31. Emily says:

    Hi I was wondering if you have found this song ” I can hear the seagulls talking in my dreams over ice cream cones ” i sOOOOOO want to find it plz

  32. Dilly says:

    Does anybody know the song at the beginning of the Sacconejoly video “Mom Comes Home Surprise!”, dated July 14 2017, please. I love this song and just cannot seem to find it, if anyone could help, I would be so grateful. Thank you.

  33. ODALYS says:


    • SpiritualCookie says:

      pretty sure this was before they used audionetwork so I dont know how to find this one since I can’t use my ususal method of searching audionetwork :( I’d really like to know the name of this song too!

      Link to timestamped part of Emilia’s birth video in case anyone wants to help us find it:

  34. Amala.S says:

    Could you tell me the song used at the start of the Sacconejolys Vlog Kids on a plane published 22nd April 2016? (Something like zumbabarabazumbarumba….)

  35. Mikaela Jayne says:

    Hi! This is not a Sacconejoly video but I was wondering if you knew what song was on the background of this video from 1:04 to pretty much the end?
    I have been searching for ages!
    (Also I love this page it’s so helpful!)

  36. valentine de villeneuve says:

    hi, does anyone know the song played in the middle of the video from october 24th 2017 entitled “baby trying to say first words”? the lyrics are “you know that i love you baby, you know that i love you baby, you know its time” the song is called “yes i do” but im looking for the specific song played in the video! i love its sm<3

  37. Kathleen says:

    I have been looking for the song that goes like ‘You know that I like you baby, you know it’s time…’. It’s an upbeat song used for the meetups ( Hopefully someone can find it!!

  38. Marie says:

    Hi! Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing in the video from October 29, titled “Baby first swim!”, from 3:53 to 4.33? I’ve been looking everywhere! It goes like “still the way live for the moment you say we will be just fine under the stars we talk for hours”
    Thank you :)

  39. Abby Bruce says:

    Hello! Is anyone able to tell me what the new intro song with all of the cardboard cutouts is? Thank you

  40. Rodrigo says:

    Does anyone know the song from the end of the video “EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO CHANGE AGAIN! ” that goes like:

    We talk too much
    We are pushing all our luck/love

    There is a sun to shine


  41. Lily Pedrazzini says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing in the video from December 6th, titled “WE FOUND A NEW HOUSE!!”, from 2:12 to 3:00? I’ve been looking everywhere! It goes like: magic is falling straight from the sky covering everything…..

    thanks :)

    • SpiritualCookie says:

      Hi Lily – sorry for taking such a long time to reply >_< But I found it! :)
      It's: "Snow On Christmas Morning" by Bob Bradley | Adam Dennis | Abigail Alton | Alistair Griffin.
      Here's the link for you:

      (In case anyone’s searching for this by googling the lyrics, the lyrics go:
      “Lyrics go: “magic is falling straight from the sky covering everything glistening white – jack frost has finally come out to say hi with his snow on christmas morning. All year I waited day in and to sing through all the seasons the wind and the rain – holding out hope for a blanket of white with some snow on chrismas morning.” )

  42. Siana says:

    Does anyone know the name of the Christmas song at the start of their vlogs??

  43. Kaya' says:

    Okay so this is fairly recent but in the video from 1/10/18 Titled Can’t believe this happened? The song that’s playing in the very beginning I’ve tried looking for it everywhere but nothing comes up. From what I can make out it sounds like:

    ” I’m tender see for yourself. I’m weaker than I was when I fell. Trembler’s greatly dispelled….” That’s all I can get before they start talking. Please help me out It’s been stuck in my head all day!

  44. kate says:

    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knows the name of the song that starts at 1:55 in this vid:
    the lyrics go : “Sailin with no destination roam the open ocean singin where is my heart”

    thank youuu

  45. Alisha rose says:

    You need to add woodland lullaby

  46. Rachel Kelly says:

    This is amazing!! Are the songs all available to use royalty free do you know?

    • SpiritualCookie says:

      From what I can tell from looking at the audionetwork website, it looks like they’re ok for youtube use but they aren’t free: You can only use them if you buy a license. I think it’s like £6.99 for use in a non-monetized youtube video, and £19.99 for use in a monetized youtube video.

      For free, royalty free music that’s ok to use for any youtube video, the official youtube audiolibary is my favourite resource :)

  47. Kathleen says:

    I was wondering if you knew the new holiday (Sardinia) intro song that goes like: “Look what we’ve done, if we keep our eyes wide open, staring at the sun”
    The first holiday vlog was uploaded on the 28th of May.
    Thanks to anyone who can find it!

  48. Gail gowriluk says:

    I’m looking for the song that’s playing on the August 29 2018 vlog at 9:15. “Well I ain’t seen nothing like this before in my life”
    Thank you.

  49. Desiree says:

    Hi! I’m looking for the song that’s on the video Breaking out the old kitchen. It’s at 4:42 and 9:37. I’ve been trying to google the lyrics for a while now and have turned up nothing! It was on another video but I don’t know which one and it was quite some time ago but I’ve been looking ever since

  50. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I’m looking for the song that’s in the vlog “5 Month Old Baby Grts His Own Chair” it plays at 11:17. Would really appreciate if anyone could help out!

  51. Momma says:

    Does anyone know what the opening/intro song is in “A Big Change for the Family” video? Thanks!

  52. Sarah Kitto says:

    Anyone know the song that they have played on so many episodes, but its on “Chopping my hair off (hair transformation)” at 8.00mins when Anna is doing her work out. Hope someone does!!

  53. AnonymousPotato says:

    I think another good one to add to the list could be “Remember My Name” by Liz Reynolds as it us used a lot in early 2018. It is the one that has the lyrics, “Open, your eyes and take a look at me, see how the light colours me”. I hope this helps someone!

  54. Music Lover says:

    Hi Friends

    Looking for a recent song in vlog ‘Study Room House Tour’ Aug 14th 2019

    Timestamp: 7:02 mins

    Thank you :)

  55. bhavneet says:

    hi friends
    Can someone plz help find the song at 9:35 when Anna puts Alessia down for a nap

  56. bhavneet says:

    heyy also the song in this video
    at 6: 20, the lyrics are ” hold on my darling “

  57. Kaelynn says:

    Hi! does anyone know the song where they do Andrea’s gender reveal, right after they pop the balloon!

  58. Viktoria says:

    Please, help me find k pop song in the beginning of their vlog “Hotel room party”. Thanks

  59. Jessica says:

    I’m looking for a song they used to use it’s about seagulls and a beach well in the music video its if a boy growing up on a beach in england Please help

  60. Amelia says:

    What is the song that was used in the video ‘playing in the snow with Zoella’ when Emilia is out in the snow with Johnathan?
    I have looked everywhere for it.

  61. Paula says:

    Does anyone know the lyrics to Bring Your Sunshine by Chris Bussey?? I’ve been trying to find it for years but i can’t find it anywhere :/

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