Abraham Hicks Advice for daily spiritual practice: PLAN 1

I was just listening to a youtube video in which Abraham Hicks described what they would do every day if they were in our physical shoes.

(NB There are also other possible plans, so I’ve labelled this as “plan 1″. Click here to see their recommended “Plan 2” which is another possible 30-day plan.)

Here is the gist of it Plan 1:

1.) Set aside time for working on feeling good:

“Make the time to Create Your Best Day” Poster Decide to be lazy for a little while. In giving yourself permission to be lazy, you are giving yourself permission to ALLOW, and to let the things you have asked for that are in your vortex flow in. The word “lazy” has an unpleasant connection for most humans because of the human flawed premise that “the more you do, the more you’re worth” – but spiritually speaking, this premise is not true. Spiritually-speaking, the most important premise is this one: “The better you feel, the more you allow”. So carve out some time to feel better; to be nicer to yourself, to do less, to have time to satisfy your own personal intention for things. It’s not how hard you work that matters, it’s about how *good you feel* that matters.

2. Meditate for 15 minutes every day

Quiet your minds with the simple intention of allowing your cork to float. It’s sometimes easier to think no thought than positive thought, and that’s exactly what this meditation exercise is. When you have no thought, it helps to “allow”. If you have no thoughts there to offer resistance, you help your cork to float, and therefore help allow the things in your vortex to flow to you. It is resistant thoughts that pull your vibration down. Your resistant-free, natural vibration is a high one. Your natural state is one of thriving and well-being, and by being in a state of “no resistant thought”, it helps you tap into that natural state.

Meditation method option 1: Breathing meditation
Sit or lie down, be comfortable, close your eyes, breathe, and focus on breathing for 15 minutes. You can set a gentle timer to let you know when 15 minutes is up.

Meditation method option 2: Positive focus meditation Sitting meditation Chakras poster print

Another meditation method is, instead of focusing on breathing, focusing on something else that feels good. It may be a beautiful flower or a beautiful place, a person you love or anything else that you appreciate. In this case you may have some thoughts floating around about that “thing” you choose, but the aim is to fully focus in a positive way on that thing without any resistant thoughts creeping in.

Meditation method option 3: Chakra Meditation
This isn’t specifically recommended by Abraham Hicks, but I thought another kind of meditation you could do is one where you focus on chakra balanacing in your mind’s eye, imagining each of the chakras swirling in healthy bright colors. Balanced chakras can only help you feel good! :)

3. Spend some time outside every day

Go outside, no matter what the weather and move around in it, in appreciation of this planet. Look up and around, and find things to acknowledge and appreciate. Whether you’re in the countryside or a city there is always a lot to appreciate outdoors.

Lake Tahoe beautiful nature mountain lake poster Print Aerial view of Wall Street New York City NYC Poster print Wheat Field Surrounding Barn Farm Landscape Poster Print

4. Daily Positive Aspects / Rampages of Appreciation

Buy a notebook, call it your Book of Positive Aspects. On top of the page you’re starting with, write the name of something you like eg a person you like, a city, restaurant, hobby, object, anything! Then think: “what do I like about you, why do I like you so much”. See The Good Cute Positive thinking positivity Poster Print Then write down the feel-good answers that come to you; the ones that flow easily to you. Write as long as the thoughts flow. When the flow stops, let yourself enjoy reading it back. Then move onto the next page with the next thing you appreciate, and let flow all the things you like about that thing flow to you. And repeat. Ideally you want to do 3-5 things a day, or around 20 minutes.

You may discover that as you do this, more ideas for things you appreciate come to you than you want to spend time writing full pages on. In this case, note down the ideas for things you appreciate for future exercises.

This whole Rampage of Appreciation / Positive Aspects exercise tunes you into higher, better feeling vibration, close to appreciation, where more good, high-vibration things will be in vibrational alignment with you and will therefore flow to you easily.

5.) Take a moment to Acknowledge Source every day:

Rays of the Sun blue cloudy sky heavens heavenly clouds Poster print Take a moment to look outside (whether when you are outside, or whether you are looking out a window) and use that moment to acknwoeldge that there are universal forces that are focused right at you. Acknowledge those forces, whether you call them “Source” / “God” / or whatever you prefer. You can say something like:
“I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention and I am appreciating your continual gaze on behalf of my well-being. And today, no matter where I am, where I am going and who I am doing it with, I know that you are there doing it with me: appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, helping me, aware of me, loving me, showing me, uplifting me…”

What this does, is help you align with the belief that good things flow to you; you are loved; helped; supported; adored; guided and open to inspiration whenever you need. This belief is a wonderful belief to have to help you attract more positivity and ease into your life.

6.) Future-pacing Exercise:

I heard this exercise described by a guy who successfully managed to attract everything he ever wanted using this exercise and the law of attraction.

BeLieVE live love life Poster print This was his method:
Imagine a future where you are in an Abraham Hicks conference, and you have been called up to the hot seat to talk with Abraham. In this future, all the things you desired have come true, and you have come to this gathering to tell Abraham how appreciative you are of their teachings that played a part in helping you line up with each of the things you wanted. Write down the conversation you will have with Abraham in a letter, going into detail about all the wonderful things that have manifested after you successfully lined up with them and successfully managed to attract them into your life.

Once you have written this letter, read it to yourself once or twice a day for 30 days, basking in the idea of how fun and exciting it would be to be able to tell Abraham these things have come true.

The idea is as you line up with the vibration of telling the story of success, you line up with that feeling of success which will help true successful manifestation come to you.
Football Field Thirty 30 Poster print
- – -

Abraham often suggest doing a 30-day challenge of applying their techniques in order to feel a significant change in your life. Applying these 6 things sounds to me like a do-able endeavour!

Will you join me in applying these 6 exercises for 30 days? :)

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