Abraham Hicks Morning and Night Plan for daily spiritual practice: PLAN 2

I was listening to a youtube video in which Abraham Hicks suggested a possible night-and-morning routine plan, describing what they recommend we do every day to help us feel better and raise our vibration so that we change our points of attraction to a more positive position.

(Abraham have suggested other plans in the past too, such as Plan 1 which I wrote about in a previous article. You can pick whichever plan resonates most with you : ) )

Here is the Night-and-Morning-Routine-Plan the described:

1.) At night, take a moment to feel good before dropping off to sleep

When you’re about to go to bed, bask; appreciate the fabric of your bedding; notice the pleasant feeling of your body as your muscles relax and everything relaxes as you’re lying in bed.. Appreciate the softness of the pillow.. the cosy, comfortable warmth..  and drift off to sleep pleasantly

2.) Upon waking, find something positive to think about

Wake up in the morning and whilst you’re still in bed, the first thing you do is reach for pleasant thoughts; focus on something that feels good and milk it to get you tuned into pleasant vibes right away.

3.) Do a focus wheel

Get out of bed – do whatever you do first thing in the morning (breakfast / brushing teeth etc), and then when you’re feeling ready to start your day and are still feeling pretty good, do a focus wheel on anything that bothers you even in the slightest that you want to work on to get it to a beter place.  Initially thinking of “something to work on” may not feel good, but as you do the focus wheel, you get back to feeling better and simultaneously help work out the kinks of a belief you’ve been holding (=the subject of the focus wheel).

4.) Do a rampage of appreciation

In your Book of Positive Aspects, do a list of positive aspects or a rampage of appreciation about one or two things to get yourself in a good mood.

- – -

That’s it! Now go about your day as normal, reinforced with good vibes. Now this doesn’t guarantee that every day will be perfect necessarily, but it gives you your best chance to start your day on a feel-good foot.

Do this for 30 days and overall, you will help to train yourself to a better vibration, you will probably work ou some stuff on the focus wheels, training yourself to look at old issues in a more positive light, and you will help change your point of attraction so that more and more good things come to you.


- – -


Abraham talk from this youtube video (described the last minute or so of the talk) : Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul7QRIuVP9Y

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