Abraham Hicks: How to get into the Receiving Mode or a State of Allowing

1.) Quiet mind
To do this you can focus on breathing or use another method of meditation. Meditation is good for everyone – it raises vibration to a place where you can receive.
If you do this for about 15 minutes you can feel the release of tension. It’s a releasing of resistance, and this leads to an opening of the passageway tow the Receiving Mode, to enter a State of Allowing.

Just quiet your mind and do it long enough to allow your vibration to raise to the vibration of who you really are and then all the insights will flow to you.

You know you’re going in the right direction if the method you are using to quiet your mind feels good. If it doesn’t feel good, then something in your approach should probably be pivoted.

To people who say “How long are we meant to meditate for and work on getting into the receiving mode before we get our things?” Abraham say: “if you’re putting a time-limit on how long you’re gonna do this [getting into the receiving mode] before you´re getting to this [your stuff that you want], then you’re not really doing this the way we’re encouraging you to do this! ”

Care about how you feel rather than focusing on trying to make something happen.

2.) Get into a Relaxed, Chilled out state
The key to getting into the receiving mode is to Relax and Chill out.

As POE says in the Abe forums: “When you skip up and down, asking fretfully “when will it come?? WHEN WILL IT COME???” you are NOT chilled out”.

Be aware not to effort and not to let in resistance. Don’t be so overly cautious. Stop judging yourself. Don’t try so hard. Take the path of least resistance. It’s meant to be easy.

As POE says: “Be open, be relaxed, and keep yourself happy with EASY, but still interesting things.”

3.) Making peace with What Is
Tune in to a state of appreciation for the good stuff in your present moment. Appreciate the good in what has come and in What Is. Because there is nothing that slows down more things coming, than focusing on not being happy with where you are.

Don’t look at the bad stuff in your present What Is. Look at the good stuff in your present What Is.

And learn to love the “eternally incomplete”-ness of every moment on the journey. Because we are always eternally incomplete. There is always more to reach for. There is always more. Make peace with that. As Tenshi says in the Abe forums, finding the joy in being eternally incomplete is ” like reading a good book and not wanting it to finish.”

4.) Aim for pivoting yourself towards feeling better and better
The better you feel, the more in the Receiving Mode you are. So reach for a better feeling thought – and better and better to help you get into the Receiving Mode.
If you want a fast stream towards receiving, allow yourself to get into a place of appreciation and vortexy feelings.
As POE says in the Abe Forums: “Praise more, look around more (with loving, friendly eyes!), appreciate more. That´s an art to discover, and get good at!”

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