Abraham Hicks on How to Win the Lottery, Money and other stuff

Based on my understanding of Abraham Hicks and based on what I’ve read in the AbeForum, here is a step-by-step guide I’ve put together for how to win stuff (eg. how to win the lottery, how to win games or anything else) according to my current understanding of the Law of Attraction:

Be Simple Poster Precursor step: Be honest with yourself

It important to be honest with yourself. Lots of people say they want to win “because it’ll be fun” – but this statement can sometimes be a “denial” of  the real truth, which is usually that people have some sort of strong want or need for the money beyond a light and breezy “it’ll be fun”. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you can address any points that need fine-tuning to iron them out and get you lined up with the results you want.

- – -

Step 1: Identify whether a specific method of winning is important to you or if you really just desire the money

As WellBeing from the AbeForum put it in an old forum post:
“[Be] aware which piece of your story… is “the game” piece of it and which is “the money” piece.”

Future Millionaire Postcard People often say they want to specifically win the lottery – but is that really true? Or are they REALLY wanting what winning the lottery will get them: living a luxurious, abundance-filled, money-rich lifestyle where money is always available to accomodate the ability to buy anything you ever dreamt of?

Is it the specific “winning of the lottery” that’s the dream, or something else further down the line?

If the luxurious, abundant-money lifestyle is the ultimate goal, then being flexible and general about the way it comes to you can help the universe manifest this abundance. If you relax about the specific method it manifests, then the result can come to you in unexpected ways that delight and surprise you that perhaps you wouldn’t have ever considered before. Who knows, you may suddenly discovered you’re actually the long-lost relative of some royal from a distant land and inherit his fortune – who knows! :D

As AbeForum member Positive Pamela puts it well:

“I know that the universe will bring money to me in the best, least resistance way.”

- – -

Step 2: Clean up your vibration about “The Exciting Game”

Lucky Lady Gambling Slot Machines Shirt The thing about competitions, lotteries, raffles, and games, is that traditionally, in non-deliberate-manifestation terms, no-one knows who will win, and this is part of the excitment of it. It’s part of what gives people thrills and even joy. ”Will I win? Won’t I win? Ahh! It’s so exhilarating!”

But if you want a sure thing of winning, this vibration you have going of “ahh will I win?? I like the excitement of hoping I’ll win but I’m not sure if I’ll win.. I hope so!” is inconsistent with the vibration of “I’m going to win for sure. I’m a winner.”

If you want to win for sure, I feel like it’s important to focus on the “I’m a winner” vibe and let go of the need for that old suspense. Decide that you’re going to deliberately manifest a result, and line up with that belief rather and train yourself away from the old suspenseful excitement that is probably not helping you win.

- – -

Step 3:  Before testing out your winning alignment with high stakes, train first with no stakes
Keep Calm and Play Safe Snooker T-shirt Take big money gambles off the table whilst you’re still learning how to manifest things. Start small and build your confidence in your abiity to manifest wins gradually. Once you’ve mastered the art of manifesting wins with no big money stakes on the line, then move up to testing it out with small money stakes if you wish, and go from there.

- – -

Step 4:  Soothe away fears of losing

You don’t want to focus on the “losing end of the stick” because focus on it keep it active, but at the same time, I feel like if there are worries or fears about losing bubbling beneath the surface, it may be worth spending a *short* amount of time soothing fears of losing.

eg “It’s only $X I’ve invested.. no big deal..” Or in the case of a sport “It’s only a game at the end of the day.. life will go on just fine either way.. although it’d be so nice to see us win!”

Get to a place where you’re more easy about it – where you’re not offering a strong energy of resistance to losing. (because offering a strong energy on this end of the stick can activate the losing energy).

Once you’ve soothed these kinds of thoughts and genuinely feel soothed, pivot as quickly as you can to the “winning end of the stick” to make this the dominant point of focus.

- – -

Step 5: Train your beliefs into believing you will win:

To train this belief, there are 2 parts:

Millionaire U. (University) "Student" T-Shirt a.) Train out doubt by soothing it away in a believable way.
As WellBeing from the AbeForum puts it:
“soothe and shift the aspects which are right now unwanted by you.”
You can use the laws of the Universe to help.

b.) Train a stronger belief:

There are two relevant stories here to train your belief on:
(i.) The “I am a winner story” (“I can win.. I will win BIG.. I am a winner..”)
(ii.) and the “an abundant, wealthy, rich, luxurious lifestyle is within my reach” story.

You can break down the big topic of “winning” into smaller manageable pieces, and work on each part separately. This can sometimes feel more easy to work with, and may help you discover little hidden pockets of resistance that pop up on a specific topic which you can then clean up vibraitonally to get you closer to your end-goal.
(Examples of hidden pockets of resistance that you may have to soothe could include: “but if I win my friends and family may be jealous.. but if I win I’ll have to move houses and that’s a lot of work..” etc etc.)

Money Poster Things that can help you train yourself into believing in yourself as a winner include:

  • General statements that support your belief (as long as they feel believable and good to you)
  • Specific statements that support your belief (as long as they feel believable and good to you)
  • Visualizations
  • - If you’re set on a particular method of winning, visualize what the JOURNEY of winning looks like to you in the most ideal, perfect case
  • - If you’re set on a particular method of winning, visualize what the MOMENT of winning looks like to you, in the most ideal, perfect case

Funny Giant Lottery Check Poster AbeForum member serenity2000 gave a good example of a positive visualization, she said:

“I visualized us standing in front of the lottery counter, waiting for the ticket to process, hearing the person at the register tell us we’d won, and my husband and I hugging, laughing, celebrating our win. And that’s how it happened!
Visualize the situations you’d like to experience while you bet. Picture the fun of hitting the button if you’re doing it online or standing in a queue, chatting with someone who takes a shine to you and shares a tip which you decide to bet on just for the fun of it. The look of amazement, glee, joy and immense gratitude on your face when you hear the tip paid off.”

- – -

Step 6: Train your vibrational high up so that it’s in the vicinity of allowing a win to come your way

Things that can help train your vibration to a higher place include:

  • Motivational Dream Believe Achieve Poster Make peace with where you are right now vibrationally whilst being eager for more. Be easy and kind to yourself even if you spot you’re not feeling at the vibrational place you want to be in. Where-ever you are right now, it’s alright because you can shift your vibration upwards, so where you are right now is ok because it’s only temporary and you can improve it with some Abe work and practice. If you have tried to win something and haven’t won yet, soothe that feeling too by knowing that the past does not effect your future. You can deliberately intend and set up conditions to work out favourably in the future.
  • Meditation
  • Spending your time and focus on feel-good things
  • Seeking out fun
  • Seeking out appreciation
  •  Visualize the lifestyle you want: By familiarizing your vibration with the lifestyle of your dreams, you align your vibration with it.

* Only bet and buy tickets when you’re feeling vibrationally very good *

- – -

An experience from AbeForum member Positive Pamela on this subject:

“I have found that when I am in a really good mood and already happy before I log in and bet on a few (horse) races, I have much better luck and tend to win more often or get good winning streaks. When I need to work on my vibration, I know better than to make any bets.”

- – -

So get out there, start training your positive beliefs and train yourself into a steady, consistent winning, feel-good state, and start your winning streak! Let’s put this Abe theory to the test! :)

I love Winning Poster

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