How to make peace with “What Is”

(NB I’ve written a more lengthy discussion on my understanding of this process here in this article: Making Peace with What is)

This too shall pass postcard Sometimes what you see in your current reality and existence may not be exactly what you want. But an important step to moving to a better place, is ironically to stop resisting the present moment and make peace with it.

By “make peace with the present” I don’t mean giving up on your hopes and dreams for a better future. Let me explain using the wise words by HereIam from the Abe forums:

When you feel resistance to something in your present experience, realise that you are experiencing contrast. Whilst this contrast is here right now, it is also good to realise that you are a powerful creator and you have the ability to change any circumstance to be more pleasing. And when you realise that, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because you can say:
“Aha! Its okay to be standing where I am right now, because i know that I can change this situation to something that is more pleasing! So where I am right now isn’t such a big deal, it’s all ok. It’s not where I have to always be. Things can change, so where I am right now is fine because it’s just temporary and I’m looking forward to things getting better and better!

Everything Will Be OK Postcard Say the example is that you want beautiful thick hair: you can tell yourself:
It is okay for my hair to be as it is right here and now in this moment – because I know that I can always grow more hair and I know its condition can improve. In fact I am looking forward to growing more hair, and I know that it will happen, and so whilst I let my body get on with that, I’m just going to do my best to be happy, focus on the good things in my life, focus on finding fun stuff to do and things to appreciate. Be grateful and appreciative for what you already have, whilst being eager for more to arrive. Start loving what you have and focusing on the good side of it, whilst knowing that better things are also coming and are within your reach.

The magic ingredients are:
1.) Being ok with where you are because you KNOW it’s just temporary
2.) BELIEVING that things can get better – really KNOWING it without a doubt.

If you have a hard time believing that things can get better, check out my article on how to train yourself to change beliefs into positive ones.

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