Abraham Hicks on Why are we here on Earth & Why do anything while we’re here

This is one of my favorite conversations / rampages that Abraham Hicks has spoken, and it’s all about why it’s good to be alive and what our purpose here is while we’re here; What we are meant to do with our lives.

I’ve paraphrased a little here and there but it’s 98% Abraham’s words. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Abraham’s rampage:

What would be the reason to doing anything?
To feel good. Life is supposed to be fun!

When you were created, you didnt say you want to go to Earth to make it a better place, because it needs to be a better place. No!

You said: “I want to play! I want in on this game! That looks like fun!”
You said:
- I want to have fun here
- I want to apply my mind to things
- I want to apply my unique perspective to things
- I’d like my ideas to add to things

Why do any of these things? Does the world NEED you? No! Somebody else would figure it out if you didn’t. Then why?
Because it’s fun!

- It’s fun to figure things out!
- It’s fun to be interested in things!
- It’s fun to observe things!
- It’s fun to draw new conclusions about stuff!
- It’s fun to launch new desires!
- It’s fun to find a way from being out of whack to sorting things out deliberately!
- It’s fun to feel movement!
- It’s fun to feel energy!
- It’s fun to be powerful!
- It’s fun to be a deliberate creator; to deliberately create, flowing energy to the things that matter to me!
- It’s fun to watch universal response!
- It’s fun to attract momentum!
- It’s fun to gather others together!
- It’s fun to feel the fullness of who I am; It’s fun to know who I am!
- It’s fun to revel in the value of others!
- It’s fun to be physically alive!
- It’s fun to be out on the leading edge!
- It’s fun to know my power!
- It’s fun to love; it’s fun to love me ~ It’s fun to love them!

I’m an eternal soul. I can’t cease Being, so I might as well make it FUN!

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