Abraham Hicks Pivoting technique tip: Use Soothing Words that resonate with you without a wobble

When using positive pivoting of thoughts to go up the emotional scale from less-good feelings to increasingly better feelings, here’s a useful tip:

Use words that you believe in your soothing statements.

For example:

I want to feel love for myself” has less wobbles than “I love myself”

I want to believe that we’re a good match” has less wobble than “I know I’m a good match with this person”

I would like to trust that the universe is looking out for me” has less wobble in it than “I believe that the universe is looking out for me”.

It’s important to choose words you can believe in; words that have the least amount of wobble to help you get to the better-feeling-place rather than just saying words that you don’t believe. Take the time to tune in to the feelings of the pivot-phrases you use and pick your words to make them words you can say comfofortably and FEEL and believe their truth completely.

- – -

Also, sometimes, if you’re way down the emotional guidance scale, the most soothing words may be something relatively “not very spiritual-sounding” and what some judgemental folk may consider to be “unenlightened”.

For example, if you’re down in Anger, a little rant can help.
AbeForumer Cosmic suggested a rant regarding anger at unjust rules in an institution such as a school or office that really helped me when I was in Anger so I thought I’d share it with you. The suggestions was that the rant can go something like this:

“There are too many stupid rules in this place, no one tells me clearly what they are, who the hell is running this place anyway?!… These rules are silly. I have formed a preference that I don’t want to follow them and that’ OK! Because I get to have preferences! These rules are quite ridiculous…but I won’t always be here, in this place. These rules are silly…but I’ve been in other places before and I will be again.”
“These rules are silly…but while I work on feeling better about other, softer topics…I’m actually doing my vibrational work on this topic, too.”

This kind of rant may help release the initial anger and give some relief and soothing from the negative emotion, so is an important step towards feeling better before you continue your pivoting in the more “spiritually-sounding-statements” way. The vibrational relief comes first and then the more rational thoughts becomes available. If you just intellectually think something good, but don’t feel it, then it is not doing much.

If you reach too far up the scale for statements that are up in Reason, Understanding, Forgiveness etc, but you’re really in Anger, the words won’t be super effective in soothing you in a big way. It may appear that the Forgiveness soothing statementis more enlightened, but if it doesn’t resonate with you strongly, chances are it won’t soothe you very effectively. It may help a little, maybe soothing a tiny bit but maybe you’ll find yourself dipping back down in emotions fairly quickly or feeling like the issue is still unresolved fully. The most powerfully soothing words are usually closer to where you really are on the Emotional Guidance Scale, and these kinds of words can help you have a more sustained pivot that leaves the issue feeling more fully resolved.

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