Keeping track of my manifestations (evidence of the Law of Attraction at work!)

♥ Manifested London info
22/4/2014: Did a Rampage of Appreciation for London and attracted into my experience a website that showcased some beautiful new London-walks for me to explore. (Diary entry link)

♥ Manifested positive experiences with people
24/4/2014: Did a Rampage of Appreciation for People and attracted 2 positive and very unusual experiences with people that day: One with my dad coming to find me rather than the other way round, and then being unusually funny and cute-silly; and the second was with an email from a distant aunt who has never written to me before. (Diary entry link)

♥ Manifested a good shopping deal
26/4/2014: My Future-pacing statement which I read back each day has a segment about attracting beautiful things and also attracting wonderful deals / bargains lead to discovering a beautiful watch that was given to me at a great price. (Diary entry link)

♥ Manifested a dream that I remembered
2/5/2014: Usually I don’t remember my dreams. Before going to sleep I listened to an Abraham recording about dreams and followed their instructions: I wrote on a post-it the following: “I believe I will dream tonight. If there is anything significant, I intend to remember it when I awaken.” And this is exactly what happened! (Diary entry link)

♥ Manifested visiting dream places
5/2014: About 12 months ago, I started a pin-board on pinterest for places I would like to visit. Whenever someone shared a beautiful place that looked amazing, I would pin it, without even really looking at where in the world it was in great depth, but just looking at the photo of the place, admiring it, appreciating it and thinking: “Wow! What a place!” Fast-forward a couple of months when I had the opportunity to stop-over some place in Europe as a mid-place between flying to a wedding elsewhere. The options of where to stop were kind of limited, and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to do the research of what there was to do in each place, so just out of “where haven’t I been yet?” I picked Zurich as a good place. Fast forward another couple months to when I decided to start planning out the things I could do on this several-day-stop-over and what there is to do in the area. Low and behold, a good bunch of the places I had pinned on my pin-board as beautiful places are all around Zurich! (like 1-2 hours drive away! Colmar, Lichtenstein Castle and Hohenzollern Castle). So this summer I’ll get to see these beautiful places I appreciated! It seems I attracted a chance to see them by just casually and easily appreciating them! How cool!

♥ Manifestated evidence of the law of attraction working in unexpected places
5/2014: I really love watching youtube, particularly daily life vlogs. This month, I started watching Shaytard videos including Shay Carl Butler’s daily vlogs and his podcast, “When the Kids go to Sleep”. I was really surprised that the more I listened, (and despite us having extremely different personalities and lives), the more I saw that we have stuff in common in our spiritual beliefs! A couple videos in, I discovered Shay has recently discovered Eckhart Tolle and was resonated with his teachings and peaceful energy. A couple more videos in (viewing older videos), I discovered Shay really liked the documentary of “The Secret” which teaches the Law of Attraction. Shay’s family are big believers in the power of positive thinking, the power of faith and the power of creating your own reality. They believe in the “little voice” (Source’s inner guidance). It’s so cool that I stumbled upon this family with beliefs like these; a family that also shows a clear example of the law of attraction at work (they are a happy family, a healthy family, with a following-his-fun-and-dreams dad and mom, and have manifested a lot of success including recently manifesting the sale of their video company for 500 million dollars!). It’s cool I stumbled upon them at a time when I’m being more deliberate about the law of attraction in my life too and have been eager to find more examples of the law of attraction in action! Awesome!

♥ Manifested “like attracting like” situation
10/7/2014: I was working on some Alice in Wonderland artwork for my job, and spent a good few hours finding relevant quotes from the book, appreciating the quotes’ cleverness and the skill of the artwork, and generally being engrossed in “Alice in Wonderland” world. The very same evening, I was on looking at “Recommended concerts for you”, and one concert in particular came up that caught my attention; a concert by Danny Elfman whose music I like. I click on it and what do I see in prominent letters? It features music from the movie… Alice in Wonderland! Focus on something and you get more of it! It works!

Focus on Dance brings more Dancing into my experience:
22/10/2016: I was listening to an Abraham video where a woman was encouraged by Abraham to describe something that gets her into the vortex. So she started talking about dancing. Whilst listening to this recording, I was doing other things simultaneousy and opened up facebook. What do I see on my timeline as the top item whilst I listen to this woman talk about dancing? A sweet video of Mimi and Alex Ikonn dancing with their cute new baby Alexa! Synchronicity at it’s best!

Manifesting Appreciation
8/11/2016: This is a story of completely unaware, non-deliberate creating – but it is an example of a LOA manifestation nonetheless, so thought I’d share it!
I’ll start this story a couple of months ago: I had been following a desire to do some “random acts of kindness”, and initially I thought:
“How nice it’ll be to just do nice things for people and feel good knowing I’m spreading joy in the world”
Being brought up in a home where saying “thank you” was very much well-trained in us, every time I helped someone and didn’t receive a “thank you”, I noticed it. The more I noticed that people weren’t saying “thank you” or showing signs of appreciation, the more it seemed to be happening.. but I wasn’t aware I was focusing on this “lack of appreciation”. Now in hindsight I realise that my focus on the unwanted kept attracting more of it into my experience – for months!
Then, I joined an “advice” forum where I could both ask questions and offer my help in response to other people’s questions. The momentum of my “I don’t get appreciation” thing was still active. I posted a few posts with the intention of helping others and, yet again didn’t really feel or notice much appreciation for my first few offers of help, but I was enjoying helping and feeling the vortexy flow that I get from being intellectually stimulated as I thought up new ways of looking at situations people were asking about in ways I hadn’t considered before – I felt my mood in general was elevated from doing this helpful work. Then, after a week or so of writing replies to people’s questions, something different happened! One kind forum friend left a sweet message of appreciation in response to something I wrote! I felt so happy, basking in her appreciation – I read it a couple of times and wrote a little note back. For the next hour or two, that “thank you message” floated into my head every so often, and every time I smiled to myself and felt the joy of being appreciated. When I returned to the forum a an hour later, I found that in that space of 1 hour where I was thinking of being appreciated, I’d received 3 new messages of appreciation from 3 new people! I felt my joy thrice over!
Goes to show, the power of focus! This was a very good reminder to me to be more deliberate in my focus! :)

Manifesting a Call from a Guy
3/12/17 Context: I had been going through a time in my life when I didn’t have a lot of people who call me, so my phone was almost always off. Last time I’d had my phone on was 3 weeks ago when I was attempting to get to know a guy from a dating website better, but at the time he seemed kinda too busy to have time for me, which wasn’t a feel-good situation, so we parted ways.
Fastforward 3 weeks to the present day. On this specific day, I had been chatting to someone new on the same dating website and we’d arranged to chat on the phone. So for the first time in like 3 weeks, I left my phone on. This new guy I was expecting to call was 27, living the Indian Ashram life, and fairly spiritual. All day I was expecting a text from him to let me know when would be a good time to chat. I had a sense of knowing that this call would happen today. The day passed, till it got to close to midnight and it seemed that there’d be no chat today afterall. Honestly, I didn’t feel too bad about it – my desire about it was fairly light. Around 12:00am I hear a “ping” letting me know I’d received a text. “Ah at last! He’s texted afterall!” I thought. I look at the text. “Oh!”. Turns out it was from 3-weeks-ago guy who I’d completely forgotten about at this point and let go of! He had a strange impulse to talk to me and was wondering if I was free to chat. The kicker? 3-weeks-ago guy was also 27, also had Indian-cultural-ties and was fairly spiritual. So I ended up manifesting a call from someone fitting the exact “keeping it general” description of what I was expecting! Only it manifested in a way that was full of unexpected surprise and delight! How amazing is that!

Manifesting People with Certain Names
16/12/17: For work, I’ve been working on a project that involves researching names, their meanings and their pronunciation.
Manifesting Jesus: The day I was researching the name “Jesus”, and what the proper pronunciation of it was, the very next day when I was browsing a dating website, the one profile I felt attracted to read, I read it, and in the “I spend a lot of time thinking about…” subheading of the profile, the person wrote: “Why my name (Jesus) seems to be so cool here in England!” Of all the profiles, I find a Jesus, exactly the day after I was focusing on this name! I’ve literally never seen a Jesus on that dating website despite being on there for years! LOA is amazing!
- Manifesting Ezekiel: The very next day after the Jesus synchronicity I was researching the name “Chezi” (or “Hezi”) in Hebrew, which turns out is a nickname for Yechezkel, which I didn’t know, and then I find out that Yechezkel is the Hebrew version of the name Ezekiel. I was really interested to find all this out, and I remembered that the Shaytards had a dog called Ezekiel and I was thinking about this name for a longer time than I would usually with other names because it was particularly interesting. Guess who messages me a couple hours later on the dating website? Yep, someone called Ezekiel! Again, never in all my years of my life have I ever met someone called Ezekiel but it happens the day after I focus on this name! AMAZING!!

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