Appreciation for feeling interested in something

feeling interested in something and focusing on it with great interest and focus eg when you read you feel engaged focussed on reading I love the way I feel when I’m truly, deeply interested in something.

It feels fresh
It feels exciting
It feels stimulating

It activates my curiosity
It activates my desire for further exploration
It activates my desire to know more

When something really interests me,
It feels engaging
It feels engrossing
It feels like I can’t wait to learn more about it
It feels like I’m eager to spend more time focusing on it talking on a cell phone or mobile is something you do when you're interested in chatting to the person on the other end and hearing what they have to say about a topic of interest
It feels like eagerness
It feels like keeness
It feels sparkly
It feels new
It feels bright
It feels light
It feels easy
It feels like interest leads to a state of flow
Being in a state of flow and ease
Where time goes by quickly and you’re just enjoying the process

It feels like good utilization of your time
It feels like good utilisation of your freedom to do anything

Feeling like something’s super interesting feels so good!
It feels life-giving
It feels like it enriches my life
It feels wonderful!

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