Appreciation for having something pleasant to focus on

being in a state of focus and having somthing pleasant to be focused on - focusing to feel good abraham hicks rampage of appreciation I love having something pleasant and interesting to focus on.

The more I focus on something, the more it opens the way for new thoughts around the subject; new ideas and potential experiences; leading to expansion of thought as I focus at new levels and depths.

By having something to focus on and work on, it gives me a sense of something to aim for

It gives ideas of places I want to reach relative to where I am right now

It gives me a focus for progress and development
It gives me a sense of direction
It helps to give me a sense of purpose
It gives me a sense of fulfillment
It gives me a sense of peace of mind when my mind is occupied with the object of attention

I love that when I have something to focus upon…
It feels interesting
It feels captivating focussing leads to focussed success and feelings of achievement
It feels stimulating
It feels like sparks firing
It feels satisfying
It feels like delicious busy-ness
It feels like you have something great to do with your time
It feels engrossing
It feels fun
It feels like my energy is focussed
It makes me feel centered
It makes me feel focused
It makes me feel good

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