Chronic Boredom: How to stop being Bored according to Abraham Hicks

“A feeling of Lethargy or Boredom, indicates a very little focused desire in the moment.” – Abraham Hicks (Source)

To stop being bored, it isn’t about being so busy that you forget to be bored. It isn’t about picking any old thing to do just to fill your time. Yes, it is true that any kind of movement *is* better than stagnation, and once you’re moving, it is easier to steer. But if you just fill your time with not-that-feel-good busy-work, you feel better… for a while… whilst you’re doing the task, but the second you stop doing the busy-work, you’re back to square 1 of feeling bored because you never addressed the core issue.

If you don’t have any clear desires to focus upon, the best thing you can do is just go general about trying to feel good – and from the high vibration place of feeling good; from there, inspiration for stronger desires may rendezvous with you.

If you’re bored, it simply means that you’re currently not practising enough activities and thoughts that have you feeling aligned with feeling better than how you’re currently feeling. When you do practice alignment, when you get to a place of feeling good and “being in the Vortex”, from here you will receive inspiration for desires and dreams that will help you find the next step of what to do in life.

So how do you practise alignment?

1.) Practise pivoting negative thoughts.

The thoughts that are telling you that you are stuck, or that you don’t have desire, these very thoughts are what keep you stuck. Focus on something only makes us hear it louder; it amplifies it and makes it worse. So start pivoting these unhelpful thoughts to uplift yourself to a better place.

Example starting place:
“I’m bored and don’t know what to do.”

The pivot:
“I know that there are some thing I do enjoy seeing/ doing.
I enjoy visiting, exploring and seeing beautiful places – particularly new ones.
I enjoy seeing new places I’ve never been to, even in my local area.
I enjoy walking out in nature and feeling the fresh breeze on my skin.
I enjoy tasting delicious new foods and trying out new restaurants – and there are so many still to try out there in the world!
I enjoy discovering and learning about new things and discovering how they can improve my life.
I enjoy doing things that make me feel like I’m contributing something valuable and am making a positive difference to the world in some way.”
etc etc.

2.) Practise some of the activities you know are aligning for you.

We all know that some things tend to uplift us or get us in a better mood. It may be chatting with a friend, it may be going for a walk in the mountainside, it may be riding your bike, it may be cuddling up with a pet. Whatever it is, doing more of these things will help you get into a higher-vibration place where inspiration is more likely to come to you with all sorts of ideas of things you’d like to do next.

3.) Practice the belief that there *are* things out there for you

There is SO much in our world to see and do and experience that we can never do it all even in one lifetime, so there will always be desire and inspiration. The world is constantly changing with new opportunities arising, new things to see and do and feel. You can never run out of things to do, and new desires and dreams simply HAVE to arise from this world where there is so much for you to desire and dream about. Desire cannot run out – ever!

It’s just a matter of getting into the state of mind where you’re receiving desires and inspiration, rather than sitting with the focus on the fact that desire and inspiration isn’t here yet.

4.) Focus on a desire, no matter how small (or big!)

Stop focusing on what you don’t have, and start paying more attention to the desires that you *do* have in your life, no matter how small or big.

Focus on your desires will amplify the vibration of that desire, and before you know it, either that desire will grow, or you will rendez-vous with more things that are aligned with that vibration of desire. New desires will be born, and in time you can have desire after desire; so many desires and ideas for what you’d like to do with your time, that boredom will be but a distant memory!

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