How to start following your dreams? Just take the first step!

How to start following your dreams - how to begin to pursue your dreams and start something big We all have dreams. For some it’s wanting to learn to play a musical instrument, or learn a new language; for others it’s opening a business or being a successful artist.

But there’s a big difference between a desire, a hope, or a dream to do something, and really doing something. And the difference is wanting something enough to feel ready to take action.

Whatever your dream is, the starting point of how to begin the journey of making that dream into a reality all starts from the same place: It comes from a decision to just go for it.

Live Your Dream Poster So how do you start following your dream?
Go all in. Make that commitment to yourself and say: Yes! I am just going to do this! I’m going to take action and take the first step in the direction of this dream. Even if it is the first step of many many steps, every journey starts with a single step.

If you’ve learned how to swim and always look up at the high diving board dreaming of what it would be like to jump off it; stop overthinking it and just go for it! You’ve climbed up the high diving board and looked off the edge of it, wondering if you should jump or not for long enough. Just jump. You know how to swim; you have and know everything you need to know in order to survive the jump. So allow yourself to enjoy the exhilaration of doing something exciting that makes you feel alive and brave. Allow yourself to make your dreams come true. Allow yourself to just go for it!

“All in” video by Aaron Anastasi:

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