Clock Rotations eye muscle stretching exercise

clock rotation eye exercise technique for stretching and strengthening the extraocular eye muscles How to do the Clock Rotation eye exercise

1.) Choose an object that’s in front of you at a distance where you’re able to keep it in good focus. You can do this without glasses, or with undercorrected glasses. Imagine this object is the center-point in the middle of a clock.

2.) Without moving your head, move your eyes towards where the 9 O’clock position would be, giving your eye muscles a stretch to the left, and keep your eyes there for a couple of seconds to allow the extraocular muscles to have a good stretch. Then return to the object-center-point.

3.) Do the same exercise with position 10 O’clock, then 11, 12 etc going all the way around the imaginary clock.

Going all the way around the clock should take about 30 seconds or so.
In the book “Improve your Vision” they suggest doing this exercise for 1-2 minutes at a time, so maybe go around the clock twice for one eye exercise session.

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What does this eye technique do?

The Clock Rotation eye technique has a similar purpose to the Eye Rolling Exercise.

  • Relaxes and “unwinds” the eye after it’s been in one position for a long time (say when reading or staring at a screen). The unwinding may help promote energy flow and circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the eye.
  • Trains, stretches and strengthens the extraocular eye muscles. I think this may be helpful also for improving peripheral vision and overcoming problems of tunnel-vision.

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