Edge Tracking Eye Exercise

This ciliary eye muscle strengthening, eye focusing exercise is called “Blur Zoning”, “Edging exercise”, “Tracking”, “Edge Tracking” or “Edge Tracing”.

How to do this Edging Exercise:

This palm tree trunk has a good edge for your to track in this edging eye exercise 1.) Choose an object that has a clearly defined edge (like the edge of a window, edge of a door, a dark tree branch or tree trunk against the sky, the edge of a building, a telephone pole etc). Without glasses (or with undercorrected glasses that you’re learning to focus with), make sure the object is far enough away from you to be slighty blurry but not extremely blurry. (In “Print Pushing” exercise terminology, we’re talking about being somewhere between D1 and D2). Be a distance where you can see the object’s lightly blurred edge.

Telephone poles have good strong lines and edges for working on your blur zoning via edging exercises 2.) Ensuring your body is relaxed and your mind is calm, allow your eyes to slowly move along the edge of the object, edge-tracking its slightly blurry edges. The idea is to carefully study the slightly blurred object’s edges, whilst staying relaxed (and not squinting, straining or efforting too much). And the idea is that by training your eyes to do this, eventually edges at this distance will come into better focus.

It is recommended in the book, “Improve your Vision Without Glasses” to do this exercise for about 2 minute at a time.

3.) You can finish the exercise with doing a little palming or just closing your eyes for a bit, to help your eyes relax from the effort of the exercise.

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What this Edge Tracking exercise does:

It strikes me that this exercise sounds a lot like Push Printing, the only difference being that in Push Printing we’re focusing on text on the computer or in a book, and in this exercise you’re focusing on an object.

Both Push Printing and this eye exercise aim to sharpen the visual acuity (ie. the sharpness of the focussed image) by training you to focus within your current blur zone, with the aim of eventually clearing up focus in this zone.

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How this Edge Tracking Eye Focusing exercise works:

This exercise trains and strengthens your ciliary muscles in your eye.

By trying to focus on things that are a little blurry, you are training your ciliary muscle to learn to focus better and clear up images at this distance that had been little blurry. In more techniqcal jargon, in the book “Improve your Vision” they say that this method  exercises the ciliary muscle so that “they will increase their accomodative amplitude, extend the nearpoint and farpoint, and change the refractive status of the lens.”

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