Manifestation Tips: Relax and Be Patient – Growing a Desire to manifestation is like Growing a Baby

Abraham Hicks: Be patient and grow your desires with nurturing and patience and a sure certainty that it's coming like a pregnant lady is certain her baby is coming I just listened to an Abraham Hicks recording likening the growing of babies to the growing of desires, which inspired me to write this: (The following is in my own words)

When you have a desire that is not yet manifested, it’s like being pregnant with a baby.
To give birth to that healthy baby, it’s not something that happens over night. The baby needs time to grow and mature till it’s ready to be born, and the mother has this time to prepare for its arrival too. In this time the mother is kind to herself, soothes herself through the rough patches (eg morning sickness / mood swings) knowing these are just temporary and will pass, she takes action to get things ready for the baby – setting up equipment she’ll need for when it’s born, and above all, she believes and just knows with all her heart that the baby is coming – it’s just a matter of time and allowing the right conditions for the baby to grow till it’s mature to pop out.

"Patience Reaps Rewards" Poster

So stop telling yourself you’re not pregnant when you are. Because you are all pregnant with your potential desires. If you don’t believe you’re pregnant, you may not nurture yourself in the same way you would if you did believe you were pregnant. (Afterall, pregnant women need to be aware of what they’re eating / drinking, and how much physical activity they do, be aware of their body etc, to ensure a healthy pregnancy). And that makes all the difference in a successful pregnancy or not. You need to nurture the growing baby / growing desire with nurturing things like positive thoughts, re-inforcing positive beliefs, practising actions that are in the direction of the desire etc, to allow it to be born.

A little patience poster

Why is there a lag-time between desire and manifestation?

The only reason there’s a lag (a pregnancy-like developmental-period) between your desire and your see-it-smell-it-touch-it manifestation is your whether you’re vibrationally truly focusing on the positive end of the stick, focusing on how good it would feel in the having of it, focusing on how worthy you are of it, fleshing it out and milking the vision of it, and truly whole-heartedly believing it is coming to you, without a doubt.

You have to train yourself to believe and practice this positive belief, in order to get into the allowing mode.

As one wise script writer once wrote (in the movie “Loch Ness”):

Mr Dempsey (Disbeliever): “I must see it before I can believe it.”
Child (Believer): “No, Mr Dempsey. You’ve got to believe it before you can see it.

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