Diary Day 11: Abraham Hicks Daily Spiritual Practice

1.) Set aside time for working on feeling good – CHECK
I made time to do some of the exercises today.

2.) Meditate for 15 minutes every day – NO

3.) Spend some time outside every day – NO

4.) Daily Positive Aspects / Rampages of Appreciation – CHECK
A couple days ago I did a rampage of appreciation for love, but I didn’t do the whole spiritual practice list so I didn’t write it into a dairy day of its own. Today I did a rampage of appreciation for finding the perfect gift, to help align with finding a birthday present for my mum!

5.) Take a moment to Acknowledge Source every day – CHECK
I came up with a new acknowledgement of Source today to mix things up a bit. Here it is:
“I acknowledge that I have a connection to all-knowing, all-loving, Source. I acknowledge that I can tune in to feel Source’s knowing, love and its guidance as it guides me towards Joy, Expansion and Freedom, and in the direction of the best-feeling path in life. I came to Earth to have FUN, and every day Source is guiding me to experience more and more fun. Source is always there to inspire me, guide me, support me, love me, show me, clarify for me, uplift me, be there for me, encourage me, excite me and help me. And I only have to relax, ALLOW and tune into the good vibrations of Source to reap the benefits it has to offer.”

6.) Future pacing – CHECK
Read it. It’s been a while since I read it and I noticed a few things on the future pacing letter have already been manifesting which is cool! I’ve added them to the Manifestations page.

- – -

Extra notes:


Things I’m grateful for today:

  • - Pre-bed talks with my mum
  • - Enjoying Big Bang Theory with my brother
  • - My mum baking cakes for us
  • - Interesting podcasts to listen to (like When The Kids Go to Sleep)
  • - Having essential oils in my life that can help do awesome stuff like heal scars.
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