How to feel any desired feeling according to Abraham Hicks

find a feeling that you love and focus on it to activate it and get into visualizing it to help you feel like that more often - abraham hicks Abraham Hicks suggest the following simple steps to feel any positive feeling on a regular basis:

1.) Find a non-resistant statement to express what you are wanting

Say your desire is “to feel happy”. There is more than one way to say this and different statements have different vibrations to them.

Instead of saying “I want to be happy” which often has resistance to it, perhaps this statement will feel better to you:
“I want to feel out the next step on the path of least resistance in the direction of feeling happy”

2.) Find the feeling:

This involves thinking of a time when you’ve felt the desired feeling. Found a time when you’ve felt it? Then move onto the next step!

3.) Feel the feeling:

practice positivity and practise feeling good through finding descriptive words for all the positive stuff and feelings Bring the feeling back to life by picturing it as vividly as you can. Recall what all your senses experienced when you felt that feeling. Did you feel delicious goosebumps or butterflies in your stomach? Do you associate the feeling with a certain visual place or a certain smell?

Describe the feeling in as much detail as you can. Does it feel light and warm and light feeling? Does it feel sparkley or bouncey? Does it remind you of another good feeling? Maybe it feels like eating ice-cream on a warm summer’s day? Be as creative as you can in getting into the feeling place of it.

Write down all the details you can of the feeling as well as you can to help you remember this good-feeling-place.

4.) Practice the feeling of it

This is the most important step: practice helps you tune your “radio station” to this frequency more and more often.

After Step 3, now you have a feel-good example written down. So, now every time you want to get into that feeling-place, you can read back over your example to practice feeling that great feeling. As you read over the words, really try to FEEL it as much as possible. Practice getting into that feeling place.

When you practice you may discover you have new inspired details to add to your description – add them! The more the better!

5.) Don’t beat up on yourself when you’re not there

Even when we know we want to be at a certain feeling-place, it’s natural for us to fluctuate a little in our vibration during the day. It’s important to be kind to yourself and be easy about it. It’s ok if you’re not feeling amazing all the time and it’s even ok if you don’t feel like actively practising the feel-good-focus-exercise all the time. Just do your best, try to reach for better feeling thoughts to lift yourself out of the lower-energy moods; and try to soothe yourself into practising to feel good, and then keep on practising feeling good as often as possible so it raises your vibrational set-point higher and higher.

It doesnt matter if you don’t get all the way to ecstatically happy all the time right away; it just matters that you move in the direction of feeling better; moving gradually up the emotional scale from where you were before.

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