Making decisions the Abraham Hicks way

decision making process how to decide important decisions and things in the spiritual enlightened meditative abraham hicks way When we have a decision to make, there are two main ways to go about it:
1.) The “reasoning mind way” and
2.) The “Source guided way”.

A lot of people who aren’t in the “receptive mode” and aren’t “tunde into Source”, mostly function through the reasoning mind. The reasoning mind uses logic, facts, statistics and past experiences to help you make decisions. The reasoning mind likes to categorize things into boxes to make sense of them, to make pros and cons lists, to tick off things systematically and logically. But when you do that, you often limit yourself by the limitations of the reasoning mind. For example just because something has a 20% chance of happening, the reasoning mind may say “oh, it’s unlikely, so I’ll not do it”, but then you’re limiting yourself because what if you had what it takes to be amongst the 20% of successful people? If you had tuned into your receptive mode, Source would have told you that it’s a sure thing that you have what it takes to be amongst the 20% successful people.

Once you know how to tune into your receptive mode, the receptive mind takes far less effort to know what’s right or wrong; it just feels for what’s in line with Source, so making the decision is easy: the right answer is what *feels* right when you’re in your receptive mode.

How to get into your receptive mode?

getting into the receptive mode connecting to source via Meditation to receive the right internal guidance and answers to questions to help you make the correct wise important life decisions and help you decide It’s a bit like getting into a meditative state. You can lie down or sit; whatever you prefer. Let your body relax and quieten your mind.

Let your own reasoning active mind step back a little bit and let the mind that operates through the receptive mode dominate.

When you successfully tune in to your receptive mode it can be little disorientating at first when you’re not used to it. Sometimes you might even feel a little swoony and disorientated when you’re totally tuned into the receptive mode and operating through the receptive mode. Realise that swoony sensation is just you getting a little bit in the way. You can just breathe away the disorientation until you reach a better-feeling place.

From within the receptive mode, now you can ask the question, then quieten your mind and listen for the answer from Source.

You’ll know when it’s right because you’ll have no doubt.
It won’t be a case of “am I making this up?” it’ll be a case of “wow!”
Sometimes the answers may even be answers that you hadn’t expected, but they feel right!

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