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Where is the Moon Mount?
moon mount or lunar mount on the palm of the hand - palmistry hand reading

As you can see from the diagram, the “Mount of Luna” or “Mount of Moon” (also sometimes called Mount Moon, the Moon Mount or the Lunar Mount) is located at the base of the palm, on the little finger’s side of the hand.

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What does Mount Moon Represent?

Mount Moon represents imagination, creativity, intuition and potential psychic talents. Some also suggest that it may be linked to memory, assoiating it with the strength of remembering memories of the past.

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Size of the Moon Mount:

What does it mean if the Moon Mount is Big?

A big, raised, prominent lunar mount suggest that the qualities linked to the mount are present in large amounts. So an individual with a prominent Moon Mount may have a particularly good imagination, they may be particularly creative, and/ or particularly intuitive. Along with heightened intuition, increased sensitivity is sometimes found.

Examples of famous people found to have large Moon Mounts:
(I’ve linked the text to the relevant photos which I found online. If you click on the text below, the relevant photo should pop up.)


What does it mean if the Moon Mount is Small?

A flat lunar mount that doesn’t stand out in particular from the rest of the palm may suggest that the Moon Mount’s qualities are less well developed, or at least less prominently actively in use in the life of the individual.

In other cases, the qualities of imagination, creativity and intuition may be active but are expressed in other different markings on the hand. So if you know you have these Moon-linked qualities but have a flat, non-prominent Moon Mount, don’t worry – these qualities probably do show up elsewhere on your hand. The fact that we’re all individual and can express things differently also applies in palmistry.

Since many signs on the hand are not set in stone, I think the prominence of the Moon Mount may be something that can change over time as we develop and change.

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Other things we can read in the Mount of Moon

Aside from examining its prominence, more advanced palmistry can examine the line formations that occur within the Moon area of the palm to read more information about the person.

A few examples of line features that are sometimes found in the Moon Mount include:

  • A Head line that slopes towards the Moon Mount: Since the Moon Mount is linked to imagination, if a Head Line slopes towards it, it suggests a person tends to be a bit of a fantasist or a dreamer. These can be people who prefer escapism into the world of imagination and fantasy to real-life responsibilities, so for example may find themselves watching movies and reading books to get away from worrying about real-life problems.
  • Memory loops: When a memory loop is found in the Moon Mount it suggests a talent for remembering things and also suggests creative talent.
  • Bow of intuition: A “bow of intuition” within the Moon Mount looks like a curve-shaped line, and if present, it suggests a good intuition which can help people have helpful gut-feelings that can help them make good decisions.
  • S-shaped whorl on the Moon Mount may suggest a possible talent for using the voice in a creative way, for example in singing.

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