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Where is the Mount of Venus on the hand?
the mount of venus on the palm of the hand - meaning in palmistry or hand reading

As you can see in the diagram, the Venus Mount is located at the base of the palm, next to the thumb area.

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What does the Mount of Venus Represent?

Detail from The Birth of the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus by Botticelli Poster Venus is the Goddess of Love so the Mount of Venus relates to Love in many ways: Characteristics that can be read from the Venus Mount include:

  • our warmth of character (e.g. how warm, loving, sympathetic and helpful we are to friends, family and loved ones), and by extrapolation we can extrapolate about the nature of relationships these people are likely to have,
  • how much love we need to be shown (which some palmists translate to a person’s degree of neediness),
  • how much love, passion and zest for life we have, and for the good things in life like fine food, drink, art, beauty and romance,
  • our degree of sensuality

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Size of the Venus Mount

What does it mean if the Mount of Venus is Big?

A prominent, raised Venus Mount can indicate a person has one or more of the following traits:

  • a warm personality with a tendency to have a good give and take of love, affection, sympathy, empathy and kind helpfulness. Often this is concurrently found in people who have loving, happy, warm friendships and relationships with people.
  • potential neediness at times
  • a strong zest for life and for the good things in life
  • a strong sense of sensuality
  • a potential weakness for overindulgence for something. That “something” differs from person to person. In one person it may be food, in anther it may be drink, sex, sexual partners or something else.

Examples of people with prominent Venus Mounts:
(I’ve linked the text to the relevant photos which I found online. If you click on the text below, the relevant photo should pop up.)
Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, Barack Obama
spiritual love symbolized by sun light shining through fingers that form a heart shape poster print pic

Note that the puffiness of the Venus Mount can fluctuate over time. The most notable example palmists have observed is that in some people, when they are experiencing feelings of love during dating or are preoccupied with feelings of love at other times, the Venus Mount may be puffier and more pronounced around these times.


Combo Bonuses! Prominent Venus and other signs together:

  • Prominent Venus + Red color tint: In a previous article we learned about how the coloration of the skin can have meaning. If the Venus Mount is both raised and puffy AND has a strong pink or red-tinted color, it strengthens the traits of the Venus Mount.
  • Prominent Venus + Prominent Mars Mounts: When a person has a prominent Venus Mount together with a large Mars Mount “Mouse” on the back of the hand: you are combining Mars’ aggressive, percussive energy with Venus’s warm zest for the music of life, and together these two signs sometimes indicate a person who may be a potentially good drummer or may have good rhythm, which could potentially make them a good musician.
  • Prominent Venus + a lot of lines in the Venus zone: Having a lot of fine lines on the hand in general is often linked to emotional sensitivity. If the Venus Mount is raised and the area is also filled with a lot of fine lines, this adds the quality of sensitivity to the Venus traits. It’s the difference between passionate, loving and sensual in a sensitive way, or in a less sensitive way.

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What does it mean if the Venus Mount is Small?

When All Else Fails - Hug the Cat pet funny Poster for when you're feeling lonely alone and in need of love and relationships When the Venus Mount is flat and small-looking, the qualities that are associated with the Mount of Venus are probably less prominent in the person’s life at the time period at which the Hand Reading is done.

Sometimes a flat and small Venus Mount can be found in individuals who have a tendency to be cold and not very demonstrative in their love, compassion, passion for life and sensuality.

At other times a flat Venus Mount may imply that the individual does not have a very warm, loving or active family, friend or romantic life.

And at other times still, a flat Venus Mount may indicate a time where the person’s Joy of Life is temporarily a little lacking due to current hardships – but remember that the Venus Mount can puff back up again when the hardship is overcome.

If you consider yourself to be a warm / loving / sensual / passionate person and find that you don’t have a very prominent Venus Mount, take heart in remembering that there is more than one way to see traits on the hand, and your individual positive Venus-like traits may express themselves in other markings on the hand.

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Other things we can read in the Mount of Venus

cute Giraffe Mom and her Baby giving a nuzzling hug of love Poster print

  • Family ties: The “family zone” is within the Venus Mount and we can read information about a person’s relationship with their family in this area of the palm. For example, if the Fate Line starts within the Mount of Venus, it can sometimes suggest a person’s career (the Fate Line) grew out of the Family in some way; so maybe they felt obliged to join the family business, or their working life grew out of a family obligation of some kind, or maybe they felt obligated to taking a familial caring, nurturing role in life.
  • Relationships: Lines that are in the Venus Mount that cross the Life Line and make their way in the direction of the Heart line can indicate relationships that have been strong influences in our lives, and were closest to our hearts.
  • Friendship lines: The Venus Mount is where Friendship Lines can be found. These are lines within the Venus Zone which show the main, strongly impacting friendships we have in our lives.
  • Heartbreak lines: When a person had a great loss in their past or significant heartbreak, lines called Heartbreak lines may appear in the Mount of Venus.

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