Rampage of Appreciation for: a Beautiful Sunny Day

Cute Happy Sun - have a beautiful day Postcard

Abraham Hicks suggest to do “Rampages of Appreciation” for two main reasons:
1.) To help you connect with good-feeling vibrations to feel good and happy.
2.) To focus on a thing you like / want more of, to attract more of it into your experience.

I believe the key is to do these rampages of appreciation quite often for it to be most effective, especially if the goal is manifesting a long-term shift in vibration and attraction.

Here’s a Rampage of Appreciation of mine which I’d like to share with you, for appreciating the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of a beautiful sunny day.

. . .

I love waking up and drawing the curtains to see brilliant blue skies and cheerful sunlight stream into my room.

I love the way the sky looks clear and rich in vibrant blue color.

I love seeing little cute fluffy white clouds, like in children’s storybooks.

I love seeing how all the colors become more intense and vibrant when the sun is out.

I love seeing the colors of lush green grass and leaves, come alive as they are lit up by sunlight.

I love feeling like the world comes even more alive when it’s a nice day out and all living things come outside to bask in the beautiful day.
- The bird songs seem sweeter
- More people on the street seem more cheerful in appreciation of a lovely day
- Lunch hour is full of people taking a moment of appreciation to eat lunch at the nearest green spot.

I love taking a moment to appreciate how a bird spends its time; feeding; flying; playing with its friends.

I love the feeling of a soft breeze in the air, gently caressessing my face, and bringing it with it fresh aromas of greenery, sunshine and a sense of freedom.

I love being able to open my window to let the fresh air circulate my room and bring a clear energy to it.

I love watching the pleasing movement of tree branches, leaves and long grass as they sway in the soft breeze.

I love the feeling of the temperature outside being *just* right for what you’re wearing so that you feel comfortable as you walk outside (or even as you are inside).

I love the feeling of the sun gently warming my back through my clothes.

I love the sound certain shoes make on the pavement as you walk: the soft pat-pat of trainers on concrete, the confident click-clack of heels, the textured crunching of shoes on gravel.

I love coming across an interesting tree or plant that’s sprouting new leaves, buds, flowers or spikey conkers and fruits; appreciating the interesting shapes, colors and things nature makes.

I love coming across a beautifully-kept garden, shop, street or house on the way to where I’m going. Little flower boxes outside windows, hanging baskets in pubs, pretty decorations in windows, fairy lights hanging up… I appreciate the work of whoever made it so aesthetically pleasing to all who walk by, and I can feel the fun and satisfaction they must have had, stepping back and looking at it proudly!

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