Rampage of Appreciation for Music

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  • I love music.
  • I love the diversity of types of music and styles out there.
  • I love the diversity of voices out there.
  • I love how different instruments fit so well together.
  • I love how different voices fit so well with instruments or with other voices.
  • I love discovering new songs I like.
  • I love discovering new artists that are really talented!
  • I love discovering music from different cultures and countries.
  • I love how there is a song to fit any mood you have.
  • I love how there is always a song to uplift you higher from where you are.
  • I love it when a song feels fresh and new – leading edge expansion.
  • I love it when a song is familiar.
  • I love how your feelings build as a song builds from a simple tune, to adding more and more instruments.
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  • I love the feeling when the beat drops into a song.
  • I love hearing beautiful harmonies in songs.
  • I love it when I know the words to a song and can sing along with it.
  • I love the satisfying feeling when I don’t know a song but can predict the words or melody up ahead.
  • I love having a go at making up harmonies for songs.
  • I love finding similar-sounding songs to existing songs.
  • I love whistling one song and making it fit seamlessly into another song coz they fit so well together.
  • I love taking a song and seeing how I can be creative with it to make it different.
  • I love listening to voices when they sound soothing on the ear. Voices like smooth honey.

Snare Drum and Drumsticks drummer drumming photography poster Print A beautiful song feels melodius.

  • It feels harmonious.
  • Its sound feels full and rich.
  • It feels satisfying.
  • It feels soothing.
  • It feels uplifting.
  • It feels soaring.
  • It feels free.
  • It feels expressive.
  • It feels heart-felt.
  • It feels pleasant on the ear.
  • It feels like a carress for your inner ears & brain! (:D)
  • It feels pleasing.
  • It feels rhythmic.
  • I love the way you can sometimes feel the rhythm in your body.
  • I love how the rhythm makes you want to tap and move your body to the music.
  • I love the way each piece of music has its own vibration.
  • I love picking which vibration I want to tune into when I pick a song.
  • I love listening to music.
  • I so appreciate those who make music for us to enjoy.
  • I so appreciate those who put their heart-felt, vortex-rich energies into music form.
  • I so appreciate having beautiful sounds to enjoy.
  • I so appreciate the inspiration beautiful music gives me to be creative too.

I so appreciate music!

I Love Music Poster print

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