Diary Day 7: Abraham Hicks Daily Spiritual Practice

So I had a little break from doing the exercises every day because, after reuniting with a distant family member who asked me about my art and about how the art business works, I felt inspired to make some new stuff and was pretty much in a state of determination to finish that batch of new designs. Getting back to the Abraham processes today though :)

1.) Set aside time for working on feeling good – CHECK
I made time to do the exercises today.

2.) Meditate for 15 minutes every day
Not yet, but I intend to do some tonight before I go to bed.

3.) Spend some time outside every day – NO

4.) Daily Positive Aspects / Rampages of Appreciation – CHECK
After finishing my batch of designs and having a feeling of: “Ok, that’s done and now I want to do something else… but what?! Now what?” I did a Rampage of Appreciation for wanting and having desires, and updated and added a little to an older rampage on knowing what you want to do in life.

I really enjoyed writing the Appreciation for Wanting. It felt like I got into the feeling place of it when seeking out the best way to describe how it feels to me, with the eagerness of it and everything.

5.) Take a moment to Acknowledge Source every day – CHECK
Read back my written acknowledgement.

6.) Future pacing – CHECK
Read back the letter I wrote to Abraham and adjusted a few things here and there.

- – -

Extra notes:

Things I’m grateful for today:

  • - My artistic eye in making designs that I think look pretty neat.
  • - Having places that sell my pretty neat designs, and making money from them!
  • - The Gilmore Girls show! (I rediscovered it and am enjoying it! I’d forgotten how a cute Dean-Rory or Lorelei-Luke romance on TV can get the butterflies in my stomach fluttering pleasantly.)
  • - Having a Mum who is willing to help me make chocolate chip oat cookies, even when I say I can do it myself. It’s always more fun doing it together : )
  • - My warm, soft purple sheeple fleece which keeps me cosy and warm whenever its needed.
  • - Having a fridge of made food so we could have a day off essential cooking.
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