Rampage of Appreciation for Shopping!

girly pink rainbow colorful Shopping makes my Heart Happy - cute positive thinking love to shop saying poster Print Yesterday as I was browsing the web, I came across the most beautiful watch, and just seeing it made me feel so good that I thought “There must be a rampage of appreciation for this kind of thing!”. So here goes! A rampage of appreciation for finding awesome stuff you like when shopping or window shopping!

  • I love the feeling of seeing a product you think is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
  • or seeing a product that is EXACTLY what you were looking for and suits you to a tee!
    Glamourous woman shopping girly illustration I love to shop print poster
  • I love seeing gorgeous products that are exactly my taste. Where I appreciate the color, the shape, the feel of it, the message it gives, the quality and everything about it.
  • I love thinking how someone out there who designed it has the exact same idea of aethetics as me.
  • I love it when that thing you spotted that looks wonderful is exactly suitable for you; in your size, with all the practical specifications you love best.
  • I love it when the specific product you love just happens to be on special offer / at bargain prices and is an amazing deal.
  • I love it when I see something I didn’t know existed or that I would want, but when I see it I am overcome with this unexpected sense of: “WOW! That’s so cool!”
  • I love seeing really creative ideas for products even if I’m just window shopping. I appreciate the creators’ outside the box thinking; their creativity.
  • I love seeing inventive products that make life easier in a brand new way that I’ve never seen before.
  • I love feeling products that are particularly lovely to touch; velvety, soft, cushy, fleecey, fluffy, smooth.
  • I love discovering new things by browsing in stores. Glamourous woman browsing the shops and stores love shopping girly illustration poster print
  • I love how things in shops are always changing and there is always something new around the corner.
  • I love how shopping feels lively, interesting and vibrant.
  • I love noticing the current common trends in shops; it’s just interesting to see what’s popular right now.
  • I love it when shop keepers are super nice and make special deals for you or throw in free stuff just coz they’re awesome.
  • I love it when I pass a shop window and it looks so cute I am filled with a desire to go in and appreciate the contents inside.
  • I love the feeling of bubbling new desires as I see new things.
  • I love the feeling of bubbling inspiration to create when I see things in shops that I like.
  • I love the feeling of clarity and confidence that comes with KNOWING 100% that you want something, KNOWING that it’s exactly what you want – it’s perfect! And DEFINITELY want buy it.
  • I love it when I find a cool product I like, pin it on pinterest to share its awesomeness, and other people appreciate it too & repin it. Sharing the joy!
  • I love how there are so many beautiful things in the world!
  • I love how people are so creative in the world!
  • I love how people tune into others’ needs in the world to create awesome things!
  • I love beautiful things!
  • I love beautiful things!!
  • I love beautiful things!!! :D
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