Small Hands or Big Hands: What does Hand Size mean in Palmistry? | Lesson 4

big hand with small hand inside it For anyone starting out with learning about Hand Reading or palmistry, one thing that’s easy to correctly identify and interpret right off the bat is hand size.

Before I go into what large hands mean and what small hands indicate, first of all let’s talk about how to be sure whether someone’s hand falls into the large or small category. At first thought it may sound obvious, but when you consider tall people naturally tend to have bigger hands than short people, and children have smaller hands than adults, it becomes clear that assessing and measuring hand size requires a bit more explanation.


How to measure hand size

how to measure hand size for palm or hand reading / palmistry To know how big a hand is and whether to classify it as “large” or “small”, the best way to measure it is not relative to other people, but relative to their own body proportions.

To measure hand size, one easy way of doing it is asking the individual to hold their hand straight, and place it in front of their face, with the base of the palm resting on the chin and the fingers reaching upwards. Leave the hand straight and don’t curve it around the nose (if the nose is in the way, hold the hand a little farther away from the face).

  • A large hand stretches above the mid-point of the forehead. The larger the hand the stronger the traits associated with big hands.
  • A small hand reaches below the mid-point of the forehead. The smaller the hand the stronger the traits associated with small hands.

A hand that reaches just to the mid-point of the forehead and is therefore “average-sized” may have a mix of qualities that describe the large and small hand.


Small Hands Meaning

looking at different hand size meaning in palm reading Ironically, the SMALLER the hand, the more these people tend to like looking at the BIG picture and not at the tiny details. Men and women with small hands tend to prefer being the delegators of work, overseeing the general work process and sometimes juggling several processes and people all at once, preferring to see the progress of several things at once, rather than being the people who deal with one thing in deep, intricate tiny detail.

Part of the reason they often don’t like tiny details is because girls and guys with small hands tend to be quick-thinkers and like it when things flow fast, whereas looking at the intricate details can sometimes be a process that sits more comfortably with people who like to take their time and mull things over carefully for a while before coming to conclusions. Small handed people are often quick decision makers, sometimes to the extent of being a little impulsive and taking risks without considering all the details completely. Because small handed folk tend to be quick-thinking, they also tend to like a fast pace in life and thrive when things in life are busy, and in social situations where talk is quick and sharp.


Big Hands Meaning

what do big hands mean in hand reading The LARGER the hand, the more these people tend to enjoy getting into the SMALL details of things, and they get satisfaction from doing it themselves on their own rather than delegating. The attention to detail can at times also make them notice problems more, so people with big hands may find themselves being more critical than small-handed folk who skim over such details.

Large handed men and women tend to feel most comfortable concentrating on one thing at a time and looking at it carefully, taking their time to consider all the options, facts and figures before coming to a firm conclusion or decision, and this need to consider the details can make decision-making at times a lengthy and difficult process. Contrary to quick-thinking, risk-taking small-handed folk, big handed people are often more careful, slow and steady thinkers, so if you’re with someone and they have big hands, be prepared that they may need some more time to process things. In some extreme cases, a large-handed person may find himself prone to getting lost in the detail and not seeing the big picture so it can be helpful if they have someone in their life who is there to remind them what the big picture is from time to time.

In palmistry, hand size is linked to the Earth element, so the larger the hands, the more the amount of Earth element a person has. Since Earthy qualities tend to be more slow, steady and grounded, women and men with big hands tend to be more in tune with these qualities of slow steadiness. This comes across in social situations too where girls and guys with big hands tend to be more patient, observant and thoughtful.


Remember to look at more than just hand size before coming to conclusions

As with all signs that you read in the hand, it’s important to see how the sign fits in with other signs and details on the hand and not come to a strong conclusion based on one sign alone (can you tell from that statement that I have large hands myself? :D ).

It is possible to find a hand size that conflicts with other signs on the hand. For example, you may find a small-handed individual (indicating quick-thinking and potential impulsiveness) together with other markings that show the person is cautious, analytical and loves acquiring knowledge. In this case, you’ll read the hand by seeing which signs there are more of. If there are three signs indicating a careful thinker and one sign indicating impulsive thinking, it can be interpreted as a person who is generally a careful thinker – and maybe rarely they have moments of impulsivity. In other occasions it may indicate a seemingly contradictive quality of being a careful AND a quick thinker. Contradicting signs with seemingly contradicting qualities may lead to internal frustrations in the individual but if you’ve lived with this kind of internal contradiction your whole life, you’ll often find these people have found a way to make peace with their conflicting tendencies.

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