Squeezing eyes shut: Closed Eyes vision improving exercise

funny cute dog doing the squeeze eyes blink squeezing vision improvement exercise with closed eyes Poster There is one exercise called “Squeeze Blinking” in the book “Improve your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses”, that is recommended as a good eye exercise for re-moistening and recharging, dry, strained eyes. In other sources it’s sometimes called the “Eye Squeeze” or the “Eye Clench exercise”.

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How to do Squeeze Blinking

1.) Get into a relaxed body posture, shaking loose your shoulders and making sure your neck feels relaxed.

2.) Close your eyes, shutting your eyelids tightly shut. Squeeze your eyes closed as tightly as you can without scrunching up your face. The idea is to strengthen the eyelid muscles so JUST use these isolated muscles to close your eyes tight.

3.) Open the eyes

Repeat the Squeeze-eyes-blink a couple of times until you feel it has stimulated the production of your tear fluid and your eyes feel less dry and better moistened. Usually this only takes about a minute or so – maybe even less.

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Brown and white Shih Tzu dog closing eyes squeeze tightly shut as if doing an eyesight myopia dry eye improving eye exercise Poster Dry eyes can exacerbate poor vision so by making sure your eyes are well moistened you are giving yourself the best chance at good vision.

It’s a good idea to check in with whether your eyes are feeling well-moistened about once every 30 minutes and do a quick squeeze-blink, fast blinking or slow blink exercise to remoisten them if they are feeling dry.

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Disclaimer: Everything in this article is material the author has learned from books and online articles and is not a substitute for help from a qualified eyecare professional. Any exercises or recommendations described are applied at the risk and sole responsibility of the reader. The author takes no responsibility for any consequences arising from a reader practising anything recommended on this website.

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