Turning Thoughts and Desires to things – How to Manifest anything according to Abraham Hicks

Here is a paraphrased version of what Abraham Hicks had to say about to how manifest something like finding money on the ground when you’re out for a walk:

Say you want to manifest finding a $20 note when you’re out on your walk.

If a desire is active (say: I desire to find a $20 note on this walk), your inner being knows where you stand in relation to that desire.

If you spend all your time during the walk scanning your environment, looking for that $20 bill, that’s going about it the hard way and you’ll miss so many things along the way.

If you:
a.) trust in the timing of the moment and
b.) trust in your ability to follow inspiration, and
c.) if you’re not trying so hard to do it…
… of course it will happen.

That is how you manifest a $20 or anything else that you desire.

Source: paraphased from this youtube video.

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