Understanding The Vortex and the stuff that’s in it

abraham hicks vortex Abraham Hicks often use the term “The Vortex” to descirbe that place where we put all our dreams and desires. The stuff we put in our vortex adapts and expands throughout our lives as new dreams and desires are conceived, and refinement of The Vortex content occurs as we refine our understanding of what we want in life.

What happens to all the stuff we put in The Vortex as it grows and evolves? and do we consciously remember and know about everything that’s in our vortex?

I really liked this piece by AbeForum member, Cosmic, about better understanding how The Vortex works when we put stuff into it. Cosmic says:

“From outside the vortex, you might be aware of individual ‘preferences’ you have created. From inside the vortex, they can look different. [...] Abraham often say you may not even be able to identify the contents of your vortex, from outside the vortex. Because it has been changing and updating as you have.

So (in my understanding) it is not as simple as, “when I was 3 years old, I saw someone play the piano, and I decided I wanted that, so now in my vortex I am a concert pianist”. [...]

abraham hicks cake analogy [To better explain how the things you put in your vortex work] Abraham often use the analogy of making a cake.
When you make the cake, you put flour, and eggs, and milk, and sugar…
But that doesn’t mean that the finished cake will just look like a pile of flour + a pile of eggs + some milk + some sugar
It looks like a *cake*.

In the same way, you might put “piano player” + “truck driver” + “amazing lover” + “new couch” into your vortex Let go of expectations and focus on the feeling place of feeling good instead
But in the way it unfolds, it will likely be an even better version that you could imagine from your physical perspective, that will include all of the *essence* of what you want, in deeper and richer ways, in interconnected ways, in ways that will feel delightful and logical, in ways that you will feel like you recognise, and feel “as yes, this is a match to me, this is what I wanted!”

The more you focus on the essence of your desire (the emotion)
The more you allow yourself to realise its *form* (the physical see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it)
But when you focus on the form you *think* it should have from outside the vortex (I want to be a piano player and I’m aware that I’m not)
The more you hold yourself to where you are.
Let the form fill in.”

(Here’s a link to the original post: http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?43466-Learning-New-Skills&p=958313&viewfull=1#post958313 )

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