On Conditionally Feeling Good – Abraham Hicks

There are two types of feeling good:
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a.) Conditionally feeling good:
This is conditional on you observing “wanted” things around you and relishing then. But on the other end of this stick is also what happens if the good conditions stop. So it’s good to have a plan B, and that plan B is:

b.) Unconditionally feeling good:
This is feeling good regardless of the conditions around you. Even if you’re seeing unwanted things around you, you anchor yourself to something good deliberately inside, using your focused thoughts, and using techniques that Abraham Hicks teach.

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A misconception is that “conditionally feeling good” is “less good” than “unconditionally feeling good”, because there is a passiveness in conditional living, and there is the danger of falling prey to unhappy conditions too and then letting them effect you. But conditional living is not always a bad thing as long as you use it with consciousness.

I really enjoyed reading forum member’s paradise-on-earth words on this in the AbeForums. She says:

“You can “sneak into the backdoor” [of feeling good],
by observing a wanted condition and feel good by doing so,
and then it´s easier to maintain the momentum of the wanted.

And of course, that´s totally valid-
always take the path of least resistance!

What feels good, IS good!
  -but in doing so, and using the easy way-
KNOW why things are working as they do. “

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