What causes negative emotions? An Abraham Hicks perspective

Golf Balls Emotions Chart Poster What causes us to feel unhappy? What brings about unhappiness? What causes us to feel negative emotions?

Based on my understanding of Abraham Hicks teachings, I think unhappiness can have several potential origins:

  •  It could be old issues and negative beliefs that haven’t been entirely pivoted / shifted, and that still have some momentum behind them. These can come to the surface when you have vibrational moments when you’re vibrating at lower levels that are in tune with these unhappy thoughts.
  • New fears / doubts that may pop up if your vibration is wobbly. These thoughts can be inspired by contrast you observe in your life experience and in the life experience of those around you.
  •  Vibrating on lower levels in general (through not tending to your vibration), so you pick up lower-level thoughts and feelings more often.
  • Focusing on the unwanted end of the stick
  •  Focusing on the uncomfortable gap between what you want and where you are
  •  The discomfort you feel when your thoughts don’t match what your inner being knows to be true
  •  The discomfort of resisting “what is”

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