What to do with your life when you don’t know what you want to do?

What do you do with your time if you simply don’t know what your wants and desires are? What do you do when you don’t know what to do with your life?

Step 1: Make peace with where you are.
Meditation Poster You feel that discomfort when you say “I don’t know what I want to do” – that discomfort has several possible drivers behind it:
a.) a signal that your inner being disagrees with the statement because your inner being knows everything you’ve put in your vortex and sees a lot of desires lined up for you even if you can’t see them yourself.
b.) The discomfort it also your feeling the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
c.) And the discomfort could also be an indicator of your resistance to “where you are” (“I don’t know what I want yet and I don’t like it!!”).

A good first step could be to soothe yourself with words like:
“I don’t know what I want to do, and that kind of sucks! I want to know! But you know what? I’m pretty sure this is just a temporary phase, and I’m pretty sure I’ll think of something eventually or that some opportunity will crop up eventually.. so where I am now in this “not knowing state” is ok, because it’s not gonna be like this forever. Things change. This is just a phase.. and in the meantime, I can focus on just doing things that make me feel good right now.. and I have tools available to me like Abraham Hicks techniques that I can use to help be shift from where I am right now to somewhere where there is more clarity.. I can be patient whilst I figure this out.. I know I’ll figure it out..”

Step 2: Realise you have general desires even if you don’t know the specifics just now
Explore Dream Discover Travel Quotes Poster Whilst you might not know the specifics of what you want do with your life, you still have some general ideas of what you want, so use those to help. Focus on what you know you do want.
Every person has their own list but here are a few possible general examples of general things people may want:
I want to feel happy
I  want to feel good
I want to feel interested
I want to feel free
I want to feel at ease
I want to feel flow
I want to feel stimulated
I want to feel like you’re growing
I want to feel like you’re contributing something positive to I world
I want to feel excited about what you do
I want to feel enthusiastic
I want to feel abundant
I want to live a luxurious life style
I want to feel money is flowing easily and continuously to me

Step 3: Focus on the general feelings and nurture them by finding activities and thoughts that strengthen them within you

Do More Of What Makes You Happy Poster Ok, so now you have a general idea of what you want, emotionally at least.. but you still have 24 hours in a day and no idea of the specifics of what to do with these hours.. so what do you do?

Option 1:
Activities that line you up with the feelings you seek.
For example, if you feel “interested” when you read about the latest movie news, do more of that.
If you feel “stimulated” when you’re learning about Abraham’s teachings, spend more time doing that.
If you feel “happy” when you play with your dog, spend more time doing that.
If you feel “excited and enthusiastic” when you’re watching your favourite sports team – do more of that.
When you’re lined up with something that feels good, you can potentially manifest something positive unexpectedly. For example, as you read about the latest movie news, an advert may catch your eye on the page which is JUSt the thing that will have you thinking “that gives me an idea for something I’d like to do!”

Option 2:
Exercises and processes that Abraham suggest. There are a lot of “processes” that you can use as activities that help line you up with the feelings you want more of in life. If you do these processes consistently and train yourself into the “feeling place” of all these good feelings, more opportunities will be attracted to you that carry these same positive vibrations you’ve been practising. So you don’t even have to know ahead of time what these opportunities will be – they may delight and surprise you – but opportunities will find you if you’re practising their vibrations. That’s what the law of attraction is about.

Positive Thoughts Create a Positive World Poster Think Positive Poster

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