What is Nervousness according to Abraham Hicks

What is Nervousness?

Nevousness is a manifestation and an emotional indicator.

When you’re in the place of nervousness, it is an emotional indicator that vibrationally you are not expectant of the thing you want.

Nervousness is when there is doubt as to whether the thing you want will come or not. There isn’t certainty that the good thing is coming.

Nervousness is an active vibration that is to the contrary of what is wanted ie it means you have activated some focus of “what you do not want” along with “what you do want”. You have split focus. The ratio of focus may differ but if you’re mostly feeling nervousness, perhaps the ratio is skewed in the direction of “doubt and fear that it’s not coming” than in that “it’s coming”.

Nervousness means you are not entirely ready for what you want.

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How do you come to be in a place of nervousness?

It is when you observe in your life experience that things don’t go your way, and then form a belief that “things don’t always go my way”.

This old beliefs could have been formed yesterday, last year, in your childhood etc… but that you are keeping active now.

How to overcome habits of nervousness

If you’ve trained yourself into reacting nervously to situations, and it’s become a habit, how do you get out of this habit?

By deliberately practising new vibrational patterns and then watching the outcome of it until you show yourself that you have vibrational control.

Think about what you want more.
Appreciate the idea of what you want more – allow yourself to feel good about it.
Imagine what you want; what it would look like; what it would feel like. Prepave it.
Prepare yourself for what you want (eg if you want to be called to the Abraham Hot Seat, prepare yourself by dressing for the part etc coz you know if you’re picked people will see you more in the spotlight).
The more you pre-pave what you want, the less hindering the old negative beliefs will be.



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