Abraham Hicks on Loneliness

What is loneliness according to Abraham Hicks?

Though most people think of loneliness as “the absense of people you connect with in your life”, feeling lonely is not really a matter of “being lonely for other people”.

In actuality, the feeling of loneliness occurs when you have (temporarily) separated yourself from who-you-really-are.

You are lonely for your own connection with your own Source-Self. If you’re ever lonely, it’s for your own connection, not for other people.

The feeling of loneliness is the evidence that you are not allowing yourself to be the receiver of so much that is flowing to you.

Trying to find somebody that gets you, is looking in all the wrong places because it’s not their job to get you, accept you or validate you.
It’s *your* job to get yourself, accept yourself and validate yourself.

Loneliness is felt most acutely when you’ve spent some time at a high vibration, being aligned (and therefore more connected to your Inner Being), and then you find yourself outside the Vortex. And now, outside the Vortex, you notice the disconnect and the discomfort is what you interpret as an emptiness or a loneliness. You’re lonely for your alignment; for your vortexy self.

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How to overcome feeling of loneliness:

- Let go of resistance and negative beliefs regarding being on your own. Soothe the voice that says that “being alone is not ok” with soft words of ease, kindness, softness and relief.

- Catch and pivot thoughts away from thoughts like: “I feel so alone” or “I wish I had someone” or “nobody loves me”. Thoughts like these and focusing on these kinds of feelings, is the reason that sometimes you feel alone and they just let this negative feeling gain momentum. Stop thinking the thoughts that make you feel alone or that make you feel anything less than “love”.

- Abraham say that you do not overcome loneliness through finding people to fill the void. You never did want to fill that void with other people. That is truly looking for love in all the wrong places. That’s looking for alignment in all the wrong places. Instead, look for your own alignment with your own Source, with your own Inner Being.
When you find alignment, you’re happy and not lonely even when you are by yourself.
Incidentally, when you find alignment you are also happy when you are with others.
When you’re aligned you feel good unconditionally, no matter whether you’re with people or not.

- Reach for connecting with your full Source Self: You do this by gradually raising your vibration, spending more time in alignment and tapping into how Source feels about everything around you – which is always very very feel-good.
When you are really in alignment, you are blended with the whole of who you are, and that is the opposite of lonely. That’s full!

- Remind yourself that you are Source energy in physical form, and Source energy is something BIG. Source energy is the opposite of “alone”. Source energy is “everyone and everything together”. So you are never alone because you have your Inner Being with you always; Source is always with you, and all that’s within Source (which includes all the energies of all the Source collective consciousness that ever was and is). So even when you are physically in a room by yourself, spiritually you are always part of a big whole, and therefore are never alone in a spiritual sense. It is impossible for you to ever be alone because you ARE Source energy and that connection is always thre even if you don’t feel it. Your Inner Being / Source is always there, loving you, caring about you, wanting the best for you, guiding you and rooting for you.

- Practice: Practice feeling good. Practice positive thoughts. Practice tuning to Source. Practice acknowledging you have an Inner Being and Source. Practice yourself into a higher vibration whre you are incapable of feeling lonely.

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Side Note: All this talk of “you’re never alone even when you’re by yourself” doesn’t mean you should strive to be alone more and that you shouldn’t seek out people ever. Abraham say:
“We’re not trying to talk you into being alone.
We just want you to understand that you don’t need to be
with anyone else to have full alignment.
And in full alignment, others who have full alignment will join you.”

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