How to Raise your Vibration – Abraham Hicks

How to Raise your Vibration is a similar question to:
- How to connect to Source
- How to feel a desired feel-good feeling
- And How to get into the Receiving Mode or State of Allowing

I just listened to this great Abraham Hicks recording about how to raise your vibration and thought I’d sum up the take-home method here:

1.) Acknowledge to yourself that you have the power to change your vibration

You can do this by making affirming Statements of your power:
- My vibration is indicated to me by the emotions that I feel to help me know when it’s time to work on raising my vibration.
- The non-ideal vibration I’m on right now is not a big deal because
- I have control over my vibration; I can change this vibration any time I want.
- My vibration is controlled by the thoughts I think.
My vibration is effected by my focus.
- Yes, it’s a gradual process to change my vibration, but it’s alright, I’m on my way to raising my vibration. Seeing progress (via the things I interact with and manifest) is fun.

2.) Make the intention to put your focus on thoughts and things more deliberately.

3.) Slow down momentum on negative thoughts when they come up by:
- introducing soothing thoughts
- Don’t engage in conversations about things you want to inactivate. If you hear others talking about it, don’t join in.
- lack of attention to negative thoughts (eg stop talking about what you dont want) and pivoting to other things.
- When you catch yourself going a negative thought and catch it – appreciate the catching with thoughts like “I’m getting better at this deliberate thinking thing! I’m slowing down momentum on things I dont want better and better.”
- Be easy with yourself if you catch yourself thinking something you dont want to think. (Being mad at yourself / resisting doesnt help – it makes things worse). Be kind, understanding, soothing to yourself.

4.) Try to pay attention to feel-good moments – notice them more, then milk them
Rather than MAKING yourself feel better (which is efforting) – it may be easier to wait till a moment when you do feel better and milk it.
When you find yourself feeling good (which happens every day for at least a moment) – then be aware when you’re having one of those moments, and then milk it. Milking a positive vibration is practising that vibration. And the more you practice it , the easier it is to sustain it.
Example of a way to milk a positie moment: explain to yourself why it feels good.
eg I think I’m feeling good because my chair is so comfy, and the air is so warm and pleasant, and I’m feeling comfortable in my body; my stomach is satisfied to just the right amount, and i have pretty things around me – see how pretty object X is? and see how great object Y is? etc etc
Practice this feeling to know it thoroughly.

5.) Reach for better feeling thoughts:
- Thoughts of appreciation – milking the positive things in the world around you
- Thoughts of wanted things
- Memories of good times you’ve had in the past
- Hold focus on a positive word.
- Hold focus on a positive feeling eg Ease, Appreciation
- Thoughts of eagerness for what’s to come: eg
I’m eager to see what inspiration will come when my vibration riases; i’m eager to line up with what source thinks – curious to know what it thinks! i’m eager to see what interactions and manifestations i’ll have when my vibration raises
- Thoughts that activate new beliefs that serve you

(Related to the previous point)
6.) Use positive intentions & affirmations if you resonate with them
- eg “wouldn’t it be nice if…”
- eg Affirmations for connecting with Source and with the fullness that is you, like:
“I want to know the fullness of who I am.
So, guide me closer in any step today, to a fuller recognition
of what I´ve been asking for, and who I really am.”

7.) Put your focus on positive things by engaging in activities that feel good and automatically make it easier to make your vibration softer and better-feeling.
Spend time doing things that raise your vibration:
- pet your dog
- go for a walk in nature
- take a soothing shower or bath
- do things that soften your vibration and raise it; take you to a softer place -
All these help the feel-good vibration gather momentum.

8.) Use Meditation to gather positive momentum:
Once you’ve taken a few steps to get onto a slightly better feeling disc / vibration, use meditation to anchor that feeling for longer to help you stay on that disc for longer and to help that better-feeling-vibration gain momentum.
The more momentum the better-feeling vibration has, the more the details will fill in – the more inspiration will come. The better it gets, the better it gets.

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