Align First then Move to a Different Location or Job

Places are mere containers for people and cannot, under most circumstances change how a person feels. You take yourself with yourself wherever you go. What determines your degree of happiness is a person’s inner thoughts and feelings. These are contained inside the person and taken with them wherever they go. Feelings are what imbue the places with joy, happiness, success or any other feelings felt. Our minds and hearts contain our thoughts and feelings.

When you move to a different location or change a job without consciously changing how you are feeling within first, before you move, especially if you’re not happy, you can only take your unhappy self with you. You might be happy in the initial stages of being in a new place, but it will only be a matter of time for you to revert to how you felt before you moved. You will attract similar experiences to you because you are still functioning as you did prior to your move. It will be a case of different places, different faces, but the same experiences. If you want things to be different, you have to feel different first.

If you make a conscious effort to align yourself to feel better from within, and as you feel happy you then decide to move, or take a new job, you will in turn take your happy yourself with you. The outcome will of course be very different and will be a positive feeling one.

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