Going from Optimistic Hope to Certain Belief – Abraham Hicks

Here are a few tips on how to go from Hope (“I’m hopeful this can happen.. I feel hopeful I can feel like this.. I feel hopeful that I can be like this.. I feel hopeful that I can do this..”) to certainty (“I’m sure this is coming to me.. I believe I can feel like this.. I’m certain I can be like this.. I just know that I can do this.”)

Step 1: Make Sure you REALLY are in “Optimistic Hope”
If you want to go from Optimistic Hope to Certain Belief, it helps if you’re accurately gauging your place on the Emotional Guidance Scale, because if you’re at Doubt or at Worry and want to go to Certain Belief, it may take a few more helpful steps you can take to help you get there; steps that will cater exactly to where you are so that you can move up the scale in a real, genuine way..

- – -

Step 2: FEEL yourself Making Peace with Where you Are
No matter where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale, to move up the scale it’s always a helpful to make peace with where you are.
Instead of saying “Help! Where’s My Stuff??” soften it and relax into where you are right now, even if this moment doesn’t have your “stuff” in it just yet.
Rather than resisting this moment (with lack of acceptance of where you are and determination and impatience to be somewhere better), soften resisting thoughts and relax into being where you are (it’s ok to be here.. here is alright.. here has plenty of nice things in it too…I’m ok with where I am whilst also being eager for more). Without resistance in the way, you’re free to go with the flow towards well-being, and moving up the scale should be easier to happen naturally.
This is the concept of “allowing” yourself to feel good rather than “making” yourself feel good. It’s about not having to have the “outcome” of it to feel good in your now.

- – -

Step 3: Set up positive momentum and let the momentum carry you upwards:
Try to maintain a stable positive vibration and get positive momentum going so that momentum will take you upwards.
Ramp up the positive emotions to help you “align”
In the traditional “3 step process” of ask and it is given you have: Step 1 = Asking (Asking for going from Hope to Certainty); Step 2 = Source Answering; Step 3 = Allowing by aligning with that request.
How do you know you are aligning? When you are feeling good. THAT”S how you know you are aligning. When you are not feeling good it is a sign that you are not keeping up with the expanded version of YOU where all your good stuff is.
Tools that can be used to help align and ramp up your vibration in general to help to push you upwards from Hope. Tools you can use to ramp up your positive emotions include:
- Rampages of appreciation
- Imagining what Belief and Certainty will feel like (“What does that feel like? What do I think it feels like to live that feeling… I can live the feeling now just for the pleasure of envisioning it… I like the feeling of that! I like the feeling of that! I love the feeling of that!” Another tool is saying: “I want to get to Belief & Certainty BECAUSE…. it will feel so good knowing.. having that strong, secure, stable, delicious feeling of certainty..” – and that will help line you up with it…)
- Focus wheel
- Remember times when you’ve felet certainty before. some memory about somethings that have gone well and just emphasising it–you can take the wobble right out of that pretty easily.

- – -

(Optional Step 4) : Possibly – if appropriate for you – Figure out your wobbles that are keeping you from belief / certainty and work on softening and pivoting the wobbles:
There can be several onion-layers behind a strong, certain belief – if a couple of the layers have wobbles in them, then it can keep you from certainty. If you can, try to work on soothing and pivoting those onion-layer beliefs that are anchoring you wheree you are and are resisting your motion forward. This may involve accessing details from our past that are active as “proof for disbelief” and pivot these experiences to “see them in a new light.”
work on your wobble because of the improvement in the way you feel, not because of the ulterior motive you have in getting something that you want, that’ll take the majority of the wobble away right away.
But sometimes hitting the issue-at-hand head-on causes the wobble. So, if you step back into other things that you absolutely know about or–even better–something that you didn’t know for sure about, and then came to be more certain about.
When it starts to wobble, get out! Get out. Don’t introduce any more attention to a wobbling situation. Soothe your wobble away. Even if it requires changing the subject altogether.

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