Making Peace with What Is

(NB I’ve written an in-use-example and snappier discussion on my understanding of this process here in this article: How to make peace with “What Is”

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Why should we make peace with what is?

Making peace with where you are releases resistance and then the vortex can start pulling you in with its magnetic-like force. But you have to let go of the oars – let go of the resistance.

It’s also about being happy exactly where you are (regardless of whether you’re at your dream desitination yet or not), because when you can find the happiness in this moment – whatever this moment is – , you’re closer to attracting more and more happy things to you; including all your dreams and desires.

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How to make peace with what is:

  • Appreciate the clarity this adversity brings, of knowing you have something to work out; and that you’re getting clearer about what you want:
    Chill and say thank you for the indicator that you have something going on in your vibration that you want to work out. Thank you to myself to being sensitive to the way i feel, so that now i have awareness of the indicator – and now i can do things differently.
    Make peace with the “negative” and stop defining it as something negative. Instead call it a “clarifying process”.  When your gas gauge says “empty”, you don’t get mad at it and say that the gas gauge is being “negative” – you say, “Thank you gauge for this indication of what’s going on inside my car, for this clarity, for letting me know that I need to change the conditions and fill you up with gas so that my car will feel better and I can get to where I need to get to.”
    Acknowledge any discomfort as a helpful indicator that something needs an energetic tweak within you. So say thank you to the discomfort as an indicator for where you vibration is, because once you know where your vibration is, you can try to change it. And when you start to change it, then you move towards a better place where discomfort is no longer there. There will be a time when in the future you’ll look back and be appreciative of that indicator, because being aware of it helped you smooth out the vibrational kinks and helped you get to the better feeling place that you’ll be in, in the future.
  • Introduce hope in a believable way – use words you believe:
    - I think it can be better…
    - It doesn’t have to stay like this forever
  • Introduce optimism in a believable way – use words you believe:
    - It’s just temporary
    - I know things can change. It’s ok if I’m not where I want to be right now, because I know things evolve and things ebb and flow with time.
    - I know things evolve all the time
    - I know it will be better in time
    - I believe that what I want is possible and it can be
    - I am a powerful creator and I have the ability to change any circumstance to be more pleasing.
    - I’m looking forward to it being better
  • Introduce soothing, comforting, soft thoughts of letting go: when you let go and chill, you let go of negative momentum. Stop the struggle. Let go of concern, let go of worry, let go of desperate need, let go of strong-willed determination which is hard-feeling, let go of the need to push, let go of feelings of wrongness, let go of thoughts like “I dont want this”, let go of judgement, let go of resistance within you, let go of all these things that resist “what is right now”. Once you let go of resistance to “what is”, you’ll flow more towards well-being, and more towards what you want more of.
    Be soft, be kind, be soothing, be comforting to yourself. Try to find more relaxing thoughts.
    Examples of thoughts that help us let go of resistance:
    - it’s alright that what I don’t want is reflected back at me because it makes me aware of what I DO want and what i want to be
    - The contrast is alright – it’s just the step 1 part of the process, that leads to things getting better.
    - it’s alright if my point of attraction isn’t where I want it to be because I know things can change, and now that I have awareness, I can help it change by looking at things a little differently.
    - Its okay to be standing where I am right now, because i know that I can change this situation to something that is more pleasing
    - I can relax and let go of resistance so that the unwanted is let go of.. and if I don’t manage it, it’s alright because i can try again another time and maybe I’ll manage it then
    - where I am right now isn’t such a big deal, it’s all ok. It’s not where I have to always be. Things can change, so where I am right now is fine because it’s just temporary and I’m looking forward to things getting better and better!
    - I’m getting better at becoming more aware of my thoughts every day
    - Where I am is ok, because it’s evolving and changing all the time
    - I can let this go
    - I don’t need to manifest it right this red hot minute
    - It’s alright
    - Everything is alright
    - I’m doing ok. I’m doing alright.
    - Everything is always working out for me.

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What after you make peace with the moment?

Make peace with your present, and then:

  • Find things to appreciate in your present moment: No matter what your situation, there can always be something good where you stand; some source of satisfaction; something going your way.
    Try to see the situation from the perspective of all-loving Source. Sources sees everything as “alright” and “ok” – never judging, never condemning where you are. It sees the good.
    Look for things that you want to see in your “what is”
    Find vibrational alignment in the positive things around you from where you are. By finding things to appreciate around you, you find the best in what there is around you.
    Appreciate everything as best you can
    Through appreciation, an through seeing the best in where you are, you make your focus better.
    Why make where you are ok? because where you are is where your focus is, and what your focus on becomes more. So it’s vital that you start seeing where you are as better and nicer; and see the best of it, because the more you can pivot your opinion of “where you are” into something positive, the more your current moment will be better, and the better you can move towards more and more positivity.
    Find something in your “what is” moment that you want to perpetuate and grow, and focus on it. Focus on the “alrightness” of this moment.
    Examples of things to appreciate:
    - There are things in this moment that I feel competent at
    - There are things in this moment that I think are beautiful
    - There are things in this moment that feel comfortable
    - There are things in this moment that feel nice.
    - There are people in my life right now that I like.
    - There are certain things in my life that give me a sense of accomplishment
    - There are certain things in my life that give m a sense that I’m of value
    - There are helpful tools in my everyday life that I appreciate
    - I appreciate my moments of inspiration, of ideas flowing to me..
    - I appreciate the moments of laughter and smiles
    - I appreciate the moments where I’m feeling good.
    When you accept that “what is is alright”, and allow yourself “to be just as you are, and be ok with that” then you tune into well-being, and more well-being can flow to you. When you tune into “everything is alright” than you attract more of the feeling that “everything is alright” – which is closer to what you are truly wanting. Trust that once you tune in to well-being in your now, then more well-being is yours.
  • Focus on any positive changes:
    Pay attention to when the condition softens: notice the situation when it’s at its softest and feeling a little better; with a little more hope for improvement; with a little more optimism about it. This will help the situation get better and better.
  • Realise that you don’t have to take any hard-work action in order for things to get better
    If you accept that “what is” is alright, it means no action is required of you. When you let go of the resistance, you will be pulled towards the vortex version of what you want. You’ve already defined what you want. Trust that the Universe got your “Asking” and once you let go, flow downstream, and allow yourself to flow towards it, it’s just a matter of time before it will flow into your experience; you will be drawn to it like a magnet.
    So you’re not meant to do anything, you’re not supposed to fix things.. or change things. You don’t need to try so hard to do these things: it’ll just happen once you let go of resistance, and allow yourself to go downstream to where all the stuff in your vortex is. All you need to do is stop resisting; stop doing that stuff that prevents all you want from flowing to you.
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